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01 August 2018

Dinesh D'Souza is The Big Liar

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Here are some new memes to greet the release of Dinesh D'Souza's ridiculous new book and film. The general theme is, Dinesh D'Souza is The Big Liar

Since there is no limit to this person's shameless dishonesty, the strategy is, rather than to pick apart the endless multitude of lies that he tells, to present a few clear examples and thereby to discredit him, and to label him clearly, as an untrustworthy source -- as The Big Liar.

There has been some criticism of D'Souza's propaganda in mainstream media. The problem is that many dittoheads and Fox News viewers refuse to consider that any criticism from mainstream media might be valid.

When some leftist points out the stupidity of D'Souza's arguments and laughs at the people who take those arguments seriously, the dittoheads misinterpret this as an indication that the leftists are angry because D'Souza has scored points against them. They are utterly clueless!

To reach those people, the criticism of D'Souza has to be stark and simple and presented in such a way that it is obviously not from the left and not from any mainstream source.

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Alternate Memes -- for Timid People


Signifier said...

I just caught the first few minutes of Gary Franchi commenting about "Death of a Nation" on his most recent video at Next News Network. Gary said, "Wow." He was impressed by the film and especially impressed with that aspect of the film dealing with the interview of Richard Spencer. I wanted to link your articles on D'Souza to his video, because Gary is, to my mind, one of the dumbest of alternative news hosts on YouTube, but his video has a loading problem that didn't allow me to make a comment. Gary admits he was "choked up" at several moments within the film, especially about the White Rose, because Gary views himself as a cutting-edge reporter.

Your work on Dinesh D'Souza -- can it not be published at The Occidental Observer as well - or in some political magazine online or otherwise so that it might reach a wide audience?

Hadding said...

Kevin MacDonald won't publish anything by me. He hates me because I criticized his acceptance of the Holohoax.

Signifier said...

So sorry to hear that. I'm going to spread your critique of D'Souza around as you suggested.