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01 April 2018

Is David Hogg Trans-Racial?

I want to preface by saying that I have doubts about whether David Hogg has actually had rhinoplasty. It could be true or not. 

In any case David Hogg is a strange-looking individual. The reason why he looks so strange is that his narrow nose clashes with his extremely broad face. 

It is a significant fact about David Hogg that if his nose is broadened, he no longer looks freakish and takes on a familiar ethnic appearance. In the image on the left, his broad nose gives him the distinct appearance of an "Hispanic" with some Negro ancestry. With a broad nose, suddenly his face looks natural!
Hogg's freakish appearance (in the image on the right) may be only the result of racial mixture, or it may have been aggravated by plastic surgery, which is today extremely common and not at all surprising for someone like David Hogg intending a career in broadcast-journalism.

If we assume that he has not had surgery, the bizarre combination of features on the right, no less than the Hispanic look on the left, indicates that he is of mixed race. When features from different racial types are combined, it creates a strange impression. In physical anthropology such combinations are called disharmonic.

If you look at other members of David Hogg's family, you can see that they too exhibit indications of non-White ancestry.

It means that neither of the leading anti-gun agitators from Parkland is White.*

Mixed-Race Hispanics David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez.
This is an important point, because pretending to be White is a way to be more persuasive to the White majority.
*Of course there might even be more to it than that. Rebecca, David, and Lauren -- these are names favored by a certain ethnic group. Every female named Lauren that I have ever encountered was a Jew, and Emma Gonzalez was most likely named after Emma Goldman.


Signifier said...

Wow! I can't imagine what investigations you had to undertake in order to figure this strange-looking guy out. This is amazing news.

Hadding said...

I just wondered if he'd had rhinoplasty because his nose seemed unnaturally narrow compared to his upper face. I searched for pictures of him and found a couple of older ones where his nose looked wider.

I could be wrong though, because the two pictures of him that I found where his nose looked wide were also ones where he happened to be grinning. In any case his face looks more natural with a wider nose and I do believe that the family has non-White ancestry. It's very obvious in some of the pictures of the sister, like her current Twitter profile image.

Giulianno Monteiro said...

The lack of volume in the upper lip is not negroid, it looks German.
In any case, it's a hideous and grotesque face.

Greg Evans said...

Racist bullshit from a fascist. How surprising. And what does this kid's nose have to do with anything?

Hadding said...

Fascism is GOOD.
Racism is GOOD.