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10 February 2018

Brief Comments on the new "Reconstruction" of Cheddar Man


Cheddar Man is the name given to a complete male human skeleton approximately 9100 years old that was found in southwestern England. It constitutes evidence of what kind of people inhabited Britain in prehistoric times.

In the new reconstruction of Cheddar Man, the eyes are BLUE. The hair is WAVY. These are unmistakable Caucasoid traits.

The features do not contradict this conclusion. The nose is a bit broad, but not Negroid. This is not even the kind of nose that mulatta Meghan Markle had before her plastic surgery.

Note also the lips. Those are not Negroid lips. We are so accustomed to seeing mixed-race people with only fractional Negroid ancestry and calling them “Black” that we sometimes forget how a real full-blooded Negro looks. This is not how a Negro looks.

Look at the jaw. The jaw of a Negro projects forward (prognathism). The jaw on this skull is quite the opposite.

What they’ve done, is that they’ve tried to muddle the race of this person by matting the hair and by assuming a skin-tone that seems quite unlikely in combination with blue eyes. When have you ever seen such a dark-complected person with blue eyes? Most likely never. It would be quite an oddity. We have a right to be skeptical about this. 

In any event, these people were not Negroes, because the bone-structure is all wrong, and bone-structure is far more important than pigment in determining race. If you know the bone-structure, you know the race, as these images demonstrate:

The skull of Cheddar Man is consistent with his being Caucasoid. Here is an earlier reconstruction, based on the same skull:


And here is an Englishman, Adrian Targett, whose DNA shows that he is a direct descendant of  Cheddar Man (Daily Mail, 7 February 2018):

The face of Cheddar Man is the face of a British peasant, the people that were conquered by the Aryans: first by the Britons, then by the Anglo-Saxons, then by the Normans. It is not an especially attractive face by White standards, but it is a White face.

04 February 2018

This Strange Hesitation about Deporting Illegal Immigrants

Jews have a history of not only promoting but practicing illegal immigration. Above, a boatload of Jewish would-be illegal immigrants play the Holocaust pity-card as they demand illegal entry into Palestine, 1948. There is also a history of Jewish illegal immigration to the United States that extends to the present day and is a factor in the attitudes of many Jews toward DACA.

Read more about the Jewish relationship to illegal immigration here.