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01 October 2017

Hadding Interviewed on Eurofolk Radio

On 25 September 2017 I was interviewed by Ted Midward. It was a live show, wherein I did not know what I was going to be asked. Topics included the Alt Right (which I was a little hesitant to discuss), Holocaust Revisionism, and Hitler's alleged mistakes.

You can hear the show  here.


Signifier said...

I listened, listening to the whole thing. Kudos for supporting once again Historical Revisionism as the dagger to the heart of the Jewish problem. I also liked your book suggestions of "The Origins of the Second World War" by A. J. P. Taylor, "The Other Side of the War" by Hamilton Fish, and "The Chief Culprit" by Victor Suvorov. I suppose you disagree with Nick Kollerstrom's premise that Britain started both world wars, eh?

Hadding said...

Britain was involved in starting the Second World War, but it was because of pressure from the United States. Kollerstrom apparently is unaware of what was happening behind the scenes.

Harry Elmer Barnes put most of the blame for the First World War on France and Russia.

Signifier said...

Wow! New name, more learning/reading to do. Thanks for your response.