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07 August 2017

If you do not know who Ernst Zündel was, then you have missed something extremely important!

Ernst Zündel died of a heart-attack in his sleep on Saturday, 5 August 2017. He was 78 years old, having survived decades of legal persecution, threats, violence, and assassination-attempts in the period when he was active as a promoter of Holocaust Revisionism in the 1980s and 1990s -- without ever backing down.

We owe largely to Ernst Zündel the establishment of the strong foundation on which Holocaust Revisionism today stands, since it was he who organized Revisionist scholars and commissioned further research for his defense in the famous series of "False News Trials" in 1985, 1988, and 1992. The Leuchter Report was commissioned for the 1988 trial, where celebrity historian David Irving also testified, himself having been convinced by the Leuchter Report.

The reverberations from Zündel's defense at those False News Trials have not ceased. Not long after the 1988 trial, Professor Yehuda Bauer of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum declared that the death-tolls for Auschwitz must be reduced, because they were too high to be credible, and the "neo-nazi deniers of the Holocaust," he said, would call attention to this. So the death-toll for Auschwitz was drastically reduced in 1990. That solved one problem, but it created other, new problems. The official reduction of the death-toll for Auschwitz means that the confession of one of the commandants of Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoess, was false. This, in turn, means that all such confessions are dubious. After the damage inflicted by Ernst Zündel, the Holocaust has become like a knitted garment unraveling. 

Suppression of reporting about Holocaust Revisionism has slowed that process in Europe and the anglophone world, but in the long term there will surely be nothing left of the Holocaust -- nothing  qualifying it for the enormous attention that it has received -- and it was Ernst Zündel who initated this process.


Teutonsuet said...

Ernst Zundel was trained as a commercial artist and became a performance artist. Yes, he definitely established the solid foundation upon which Holocaust revisionism was built, but the research he initiated hasn't made much progress, despite the fact the Internet has brought it to the attention of more people than ever since his two Toronto trials in the mid-l980's. In fact, I'd say revisionism has pretty much stalled with no big research breakthroughs since then and the defection from the "movement" Zundel started of Mark Weber of the IHR, David Irving who lost his libel case against Deborah Lipstadt and now insists 1.2-2 million Jews were were systematically mass murdered in the Aktion Reinardt camps, Eric Hunt who renounced his revisionist videos and agrees with Irving, David Cole-Stein who also agrees with Irving, Weber and Hunt and went out of his way to snipe at Robert Faurisson and Bradley Smith in his autobiograhy and finally Christian Lindtner a co-organizer of the Tehran Holocaust Conference in 2006 who has recorded a 4 part mea culpa available on You Tube. There has never been more revisionist reading material and videos available, but they're getting harder to find thanks to Draconian new laws that have made Holocaust heresy illegal in many countries and socially unacceptable in others. You always had to search for it, but now you must search a little harder for the scholarly stuff. Once you find it you'll discover that none of it, save a single recent essay, touches on the tremendous role that psychological warfare and the allied intelligence services played in concocting and spreading the news that the Germans were busy gassing every Jew they could get their hands on while they fought and lost a two front war. It's now 2017 and Ernst Zundel has died and revisionism remains stuck in the camps. The investigation should have been carried forward out of the camps and into the offices of the spy masters, international charities, special interest groups, movie studios and media outlets that pushed this hoax years ago, but it wasn't. As we become more aware of the sophisticated social engineering programs and mind control techniques being used on us today maybe it will be. Britain’s Rumour Factory Origins of the Gas Chamber Story

Hadding said...

Your defeatism is unjustified and your proposal for a solution is bad.

Revisionism lost some cowards when the cause did not prevail as rapidly as some of us expected. David Cole was never really a supporter of Holocaust Revisionism. He was always two-faced. His agenda was damage-control for the Jews, and probably attracting attention to himself. The worst part is that resources supposed to support Holocaust Revisionism are instead supporting Mark Weber. Nonetheless Revisionism is making progress.

I do not recognize what you are talking about when you say, "revisionism remains stuck in the camps." There are many noobs in Revisionism since 9-11 and naturally they are still in the elementary school of Revisionism. It does not surprise me that James Fetzer is addressing basic issues. They have to start there. Other people are addressing other things. I have been writing articles about the presentday propagandist use of the Holocaust for CODOH.

The thesis of the essay that you posted, "Origins of the Gas Chamber Story," which echoes David Irving, is wrong. If you actually look at the internal documents from PWE on Irving's blog it becomes immediately evident that the gas-chamber story was coming to them from Jews in Poland. In the words of Professor Faurisson, "It's not a Communist lie; it's not a British lie; it's a big Jewish lie."