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20 March 2015

Even White Racists have Freedom of Speech -- if they use it.

This is an essay on the recent controversy at the University of Oklahoma where the pig-faced president of the university, David L. Boren, appears to have violated the Constitution of the United States by expelling two students for singing a racist song. On The Occidental Observer.


Joaquin Delgado said...

Most Americans believe the media's version of the limits of freedom of speech. Media personalities associate the infamous "political correctness" with a "right" of their Establishment to gag discordant points of view. And some of them are idiotic enough to believe it in their hearts! We're living our own Dark Age.

Nsmsupport said...

Help me understand this. My ancestors from my father are from Italy and my mothers from Spain though both of them immigrated to Mexico in 1900s I have no idea if they mixed or not though both of my parents are white but my siblings are tanned would I be white. I do support the nationalist socialist I blame the Jews for world war 2 and I was born on US soil legally. I hate illegal immigration. So tell me am I to be considered a nationalist socialist?