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David Duke in his Prime, 
by Will White Williams
acrylic on canvas, 11"x14"

David Duke signed the portrait at the
 Stormfront conference of September 2012.

David Duke sat for this portrait on or about 17 October 1987. Will Williams once posted on VNN Forum about the occasion:

"I had met David Duke earlier that year down in Georgia, but when I met up with him again at a DC P[opulist] P[arty] convention pitching himself as a Democrat candidate for president of the U.S., I told him that Jesse Jackson was going to announce his own candidacy for President as a Democrat in Raleigh and that he didn't have a hair on his ass if he didn't show up there and face him down. He had to agree with me, changed his plans and accepted the challenge. I took care of all the details and David simply had to hit the mark. The confrontation between the Black and White racist presidential candidates was perfect and historic. There were over 400 cops there that day protecting Jesse's 7,000+ Rainbow Coalition niggers from our 70 or so "Democrats for Duke." We were all over every national TV network that evening."  

Furthermore: "David looks sunburned because he was sunburned when he sat for this -- just recording the facts, painting what was before me. He had been out on the stump all day long that day, courageously speaking to the gathered crowd and for the media mob who were there to cover Jesse Jackson's official announcement for POTUS. He wore a bulletproof vest under his suit because there was a possibility that some hater would attempt to harm him for daring to boldly state his unpopular pro-White positions." (15 April 2012)

The price is $2000.

About the Artist

Will White Williams, a former Green Beret and veteran of the Vietnam Conflict joined the White Patriot Party in the spring of 1985. "I had no idea at the time that it had formerly been a Klan group. I liked that the WPP was openly opposing what I had come to see as a government which had become our tyrannical master. I was coming at the movement as a tax resister back then, but it didn't take me long to see that our struggle is essentially biological, and who the primary enemy of our race is." After the White Patriot Party was banned  Williams worked with Gordon Ipock's Southern Nationalist Party, an attempt to salvage the remains of the  WPP. "The SNP was short-lived, but Gary Gallo picked up Gordon and me and named us co-directors of his National Democratic Front (NDF). By then, 1987, I'd been appointed as Executive Director of the North Carolina Populist Party and had organized large demonstrations in my hometown, Raleigh, NC, for activists as varied as Gallo, Tom Metzger, and David Duke. It wasn't until the spring of 1988 that I committed to work with Ben Klassen for a year (on Tom Metzger's recommendation). Being Editor of Klassen's Church of the Creator (COTC) monthly tabloid Racial Loyalty and [being] the Church's Hasta Primus was the best on-the-job training I could have received at the time to prepare me later (1992-93) for the job of Alliance-building with Dr. Pierce. Ten years working as one of Dr. Pierce's National Alliance Membership Coordinators, both National and Regional, was certainly the zenith of my "career" as a pro-White activist. Though Dr. Pierce died 10 years ago this year, and his organization was effectively destroyed by his successors, I try to keep alive his sound National Alliance goals and program and Cosmotheist ideological teachings at every opportunity."

"As a serious tax-resister, I dropped out of the workforce as a taxpayer in 1985 and became a 'starving artist,' mostly as cover for my, by then, nearly full-time political activities. I specialized in portrait painting since I had always had a knack for capturing liknesses. I sought out many of America's foremost portrait painters during the 1980's and 1990's whenever I could attend their workshops and pick their brains, and painted literally hundreds of portraits, perhaps a thousand, honing my technique, learning to see." (Will White Williams, 1 March 2012)