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22 April 2020

Dinesh D'Souza misjudges his audience's opinion of MLK

Somebody tells Dinesh D'Souza to go back to India, citing his conviction for campaign-finance fraud as a reason why his presence is undesirable. D'Souza responds by rhetorically asking his interlocutor, who most likely is a Democrat, if he would have said the same to Martin Luther King -- obviously relying on MLK's status as a sacred cow who was arrested many times, and assuming that he could analogize his victimhood to that of MLK and induce the Democratic critic to relent.

Bad move.

That particular interlocutor, the Democrat, easily dismisses the comparison by pointing out that MLK was born in the USA and D'Souza was not.

What is striking however is that, contrary to what D'Souza must have anticipated, the responses from other readers of his Twitter page are overwhelmingly in the affirmative. You can check it for yourself on Twitter. Yes, the overwhelming majority of Dinesh D'Souza's followers on Twitter would send Martin Luther King back to Africa!

It confirms my explanation of D'Souza's success, which is that he has been valued mostly as a non-White exponent of White grievances. D'Souza is more than anything else a stalking horse for conservative Whites who are afraid of being called racist. I suggested in 2018 that he should make a movie exposing all the dirt about MLK. We see here that such a movie would have been highly popular with D'Souza's following.

D'Souza however will probably claim that these people cheering a proposed deportation of MLK  were all Democrats, if he ever has to say anything about it.

Here is a sample of the responses:

15 April 2020

White Racists Did Not Invent This

Legit.ng is a Nigerian news-site.

Having difficulty breathing through your medical face mask? Just make one with holes in it! This is Negro inventiveness.

In fairness it should be noted that some Negroes in Nigeria pointed out that this kind of face-mask would be useless for protection against microbes. Grace Kenechi subsequently claimed that her mask was only meant as a fashion-accessory, but the initial explanation that her mask was supposed to allow easier breathing presupposes that indeed it would replace the usual medical face-mask. 

If this seems incredible to you, consider that the estimated average IQ of Nigeria is only 67 (R. Lynn and T. Vanhanen, IQ and the Wealth of Nations, 2002). Mixed-race American Blacks, with an average IQ of 85, are brilliant compared to their pureblooded cousins in Africa.