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13 November 2018

Cultivation of Courage versus Impulsive Violence

Robert Bowers doesn't seem to have thought about how to influence people without firearms.

Hadding discusses with Matt Heimbach and Christopher Cantwell what Robert Bowers could have done that would have been more useful than hoarding guns and shooting up a synagogue.

Here Zan Overall, the "Wise Old Man," exhibits the steady self-control that Robert Bowers lacked. There is another video wherein he stands outside a synagogue declaring that the Holocaust is a hoax, and is confronted by angry Jews.

Several of Zan Overall's videos did not survive the great Youtube purge of 2019, but here is a photograph to give you an idea of what you would have seen:

Zan Overall was born in 1926 and was engaged in this kind of activism at least as late as 2012.


Paul v. Hindenburg said...

ballsy fucker, in't he?

Hadding said...

I guess you mean Zan Overall.

What he did actually takes more courage than what Bowers did.