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02 December 2017

Marcel Nadjari's Message in a Bottle: another ridiculous attempt to salvage the Holocaust

A thirteen-page letter written by Marcel Nadjari and buried near Krema III at Birkenau, where he allegedly worked in a Sonderkommando, has now been rendered legible, and is being hailed as a central document of the Holocaust. 

The content of the letter, however, destroys its credibility. The impossible details include:
(1) packing 3000 people into a "gas-chamber" of only 2260 square feet;
(2) flammable human corpses that need no fuel for cremation (because the fat on them burns);
(3) cremated human remains that weigh only 1.41 lbs (when a realistic figure is about 5 lbs);
(4) dumping a thousand tons of crushed bone into the River Vistula without leaving a trace.
And this is now said to be one of “the most central documents of the Holocaust”!


Carolyn said...

Why did you change the title at CODOH from the much better title at your Blog? I read about this story over a year ago when I first saw it (much earlier than the Smithsonian article you cite) and it was full of ridiculous claims. I wanted to write about it myself, but in the end I didn't. You know how that goes. But it is truly laughable.

I'm glad you did cover it though, even if with a little bit too much respect.

Hadding said...

I didn't change the title at CODOH. I was just more casual about my blog.