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25 December 2017

Jared Taylor's Censored Videos about Eugenics

YouTube has disabled automatic generation of codes for sharing and embedding some of Jared Taylor's videos, but through Aryan ingenuity I was able to construct the code for Part 2 here.

Taylor correctly emphasizes a point that I have been stating for several years, that Hitler's decree of 1 September 1939, authorizing physicians to euthanize the incurably ill, had nothing to do with eugenics, and that neither eugenics nor euthanasia had anything to do with anti-Jewish policies:
"The policy against Jews was not a eugenics policy. Nazis considered Jews an enemy people, not genetically inferior."
That is an important point. Holocaust propaganda has tried to give the impression that there is a slippery slope from eugenic sterilization to euthanasia to gassing Jews, and there is really no connection, even putting aside the fact that no Jews were gassed. 

I did not know one fact that Jared Taylor states, which is that Sweden did more with eugenic sterilization, proportionally, than Germany.Why then was there no Holocaust in Sweden?


Signifier said...

Informative and educational videos. Thank you, Hadding Scott, for your ingenuity in figuring out the code for Part 2.

Virginia Polar Bear said...

There IS a holocaust in Sweden.
It's happening as we speak.