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25 December 2017

Jared Taylor's Censored Videos about Eugenics

YouTube has disabled automatic generation of codes for sharing and embedding some of Jared Taylor's videos, but through Aryan ingenuity I was able to construct the code for Part 2 here.

Taylor correctly emphasizes a point that I have been stating for several years, that Hitler's decree of 1 September 1939, authorizing physicians to euthanize the incurably ill, had nothing to do with eugenics, and that neither eugenics nor euthanasia had anything to do with anti-Jewish policies:
"The policy against Jews was not a eugenics policy. Nazis considered Jews an enemy people, not genetically inferior."
That is an important point. Holocaust propaganda has tried to give the impression that there is a slippery slope from eugenic sterilization to euthanasia to gassing Jews, and there is really no connection, even putting aside the fact that no Jews were gassed. 

I did not know one fact that Jared Taylor states, which is that Sweden did more with eugenic sterilization, proportionally, than Germany.Why then was there no Holocaust in Sweden?

22 December 2017

Ann Coulter identifies Focuses of Jewish Power in the USA

Ann Coulter aims well-deserved contempt at Indian opportunist Nikki Haley's shameless subservience to Israeli interests, while ironically identifying mass-media, 

the Congress of the United States, 

and the "donor class" of mostly Jewish billionaires, 

as other entities that do the same, so that a stridently pro-Israel position is the most craven and conformist position that an American political official could possibly take.

The point is, these people are all traitors who put Israel First ahead of America First, and the interests of the people of the United States are not being served.

Of course it is no new revelation that Zionist Jews exert such power. Pat Buchanan as early as 1990 said that Capitol Hill was "Israeli-occupied territory" and rightly blamed the Israel Lobby for the impending war against Iraq. For this candid observation Buchanan was attacked by the ADL and by A.M. Rosenthal of The New York Times, and by other Jews. The increasing normalization of criticizing the privileged status of Jewish interests is what is significant.

18 December 2017

Meritocracy Should Not Include Racial Aliens

Faith Goldy has made a video criticizing a proposal for merit-based immigration to the United States, whereby immigrants of high ability would receive preference regardless of their origin. She says that Canada already has such a system and that it is leading to a Chinese takeover of Canada, which she, as a White person, finds distressing. 

She points to the higher IQ of Chinese, Indian, and Jewish immigrants to the United States as a factor that makes them dominant in elite education. She suggests that even if these foreigners have a higher IQ that makes them more capable, White interests should get some consideration.

I agree with the last part, but this is not just about meritocracy and IQ. The overrepresentation of Chinese, Indians, and Jews in elite education is far out of proportion to merit. It is due to the fact that these groups are focused and organized toward academic dominance in a way that Whites generally are not.

Ashkenazi Jews as a group have a higher IQ than Whites as a group, but not a higher IQ than the cognitive elite of the White race. Ron Unz and Kevin MacDonald wrote a few years ago that the overrepresentation of Jews in the Ivy League was NOT justified by their test-scores. There is active favoritism there, Jews conspiring to bring other Jews into the elite universities at the expense of Whites.

In the case of Chinese and Indians, these people achieve grades and test-scores out of proportion to their ability by being study-machines. Their family-culture demands that they get the highest possible grades, and keeps them in that rut. They excel in rote memorization, but they will get the top grades however they can, cheating if necessary. Ultimately their inferiority to the White cognitive elite becomes evident when they are required to do original problem-solving for which rote memorization could not prepare them.

Why do you think China leads the world in industrial espionage? It is because they have a very limited capacity for original thinking. 

So, the overrepresentation of these non-White populations in elite institutions is not entirely a matter of ability.

Faith Goldy did not articulate why it should be upsetting to see these non-White minorities dominating the elite universities. I shall state a rather obvious, if Politically Incorrect and little discussed, justification for that concern.

There is of course the question of loyalty. We already know that Jews cannot be trusted. They use the positions that they gain in our society for their own ethnic interests. Jews are the reason why the USA was involved in two World Wars and, directly or indirectly, every war since then. They dragged us into the World Wars and Middle-East wars for their ethnic interest.

Chinese similarly can be expected to put the interests of other Chinese, or their own personal interests, first. Mitch McConnell's Chinese wife Elaine Chao is an example of this.

Indians in the United States seem to be simply opportunists, who really neither understand nor care about our interests as White people. Look at the recent performance of Nikki Haley (née Nimrata Randhawa) formerly as Governor of South Carolina during the controversy about the Confederate Flag, and now as ambassador to the United Nations: she seems to be utterly void of common sense and totally submissive to the prevailing propaganda, whatever it happens to be. Another example is Dinesh D'Souza, who has found a niche writing absurdly reckless political propaganda aimed at unsophisticated readers.

None of these foreign groups -- not the Chinese, not the Indians, not the Jews -- is sufficiently trustworthy, nor sufficiently meritorious, that we should welcome their participation in the educated elite that will in effect rule over us. We should already know from experience with the Jews that this is a road to disaster.

Instead we should make better use of the wasted ability in our own people, of which there is an abundance.

12 December 2017

Dinesh D'Souza admits that Republicans supported Eugenic Sterilization

This is a corrected version of the Eugenicist Republican meme.

About a month ago I wrote that I had accused Dinesh D'Souza of relying heavily on half-truths, and  that when Dinesh D'Souza challenged me to cite one of his half-truths, I pointed out that he hides the fact that Republicans were the main proponents of eugenic sterilization.

When I pointed that out, he had no response. There was no response that he could give that would even speciously let him off the hook. So he just moved on and ignored  the problem.

Subsequently I created a meme, a map of the United States that shows that mostly Republican governors signed eugenic sterilization into law, and I have posted it many times on Twitter, along with other memes indicating other deceptions in Dinesh D'Souza's argument.

Dinesh D'Souza generally ignores my posts attacking him, of which there have been many. He has responded to two between 9 November and today. In one instance he responded with a hairsplitting rhetorical question that bypassed the real point, and in another instance he responded to a point that was not what I had said, which of course is called strawmanning. This kind of dishonest rhetoric actually seems to work for him with the kinds of stupid people who find the rest of his rhetoric appealing, if likes and retweets are any indication.

This morning (12 December 2017) I made the same point that I made on 9 November, but this time using the meme that I had created, and it was addressed to somebody recommending D'Souza's book The Big Lie to Bret Baier of Fox News. There was a good chance that Bret Baier would see my post.

That's why, I think, Dinesh D'Souza finally felt obliged to respond to the point that he had ignored one month earlier. This time, amazingly, he admitted that Republicans had supported eugenic sterilization. He still tries to downplay it, but that's not going to  be very convincing when there was already a graphic display in the same thread showing that the overwhelming majority governors who signed eugenic sterilization into law were Republicans.

Since Dinesh D'Souza also claims in his response that progressives supported "eugenic murder," I posted proof that he had lied about this, a page from Paul Popenoe's book Applied Eugenics (1918) wherein Popenoe says that the "lethal chamber" and castration are not necessary for eugenics. Dinesh D'Souza has been claiming that Popenoe advocated the use of "lethal chambers" and thereby, D'Souza says, pointed the way for the Holocaust. This lie linking Popenoe to the Holocaust is important, given the subtitle of D'Souza's book: Exposing the nazi roots of the American left.

The last post on that thread (as of this writing) is by a leftist (whose motives for attacking Dinesh D'Souza are probably different from mine). He supplies a video by Rachel Maddow that talks about the Republican involvement in curbing "diverse" immigration, and the eugenic argument that was used to justify this change in policy.

The information given about the history of the Republican involvement in eugenic sterilization and immigration-restriction is, I believe, mostly correct. 

The assertion that eugenic sterilization has anything to do with killing people is, however, false: it's Jewish Holocaust propaganda. You will recall that Dinesh D'Souza made the same assertion, and that I showed the page from Paul Popenoe's book Applied Eugenics where Popenoe said that eugenics required neither killing nor castration.

02 December 2017

Marcel Nadjari's Message in a Bottle: another ridiculous attempt to salvage the Holocaust

A thirteen-page letter written by Marcel Nadjari and buried near Krema III at Birkenau, where he allegedly worked in a Sonderkommando, has now been rendered legible, and is being hailed as a central document of the Holocaust. 

The content of the letter, however, destroys its credibility. The impossible details include:
(1) packing 3000 people into a "gas-chamber" of only 2260 square feet;
(2) flammable human corpses that need no fuel for cremation (because the fat on them burns);
(3) cremated human remains that weigh only 1.41 lbs (when a realistic figure is about 5 lbs);
(4) dumping a thousand tons of crushed bone into the River Vistula without leaving a trace.
And this is now said to be one of “the most central documents of the Holocaust”!