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09 June 2017

A National-Socialist Response to Terrorism at Hip-Hop Concerts

The audio has a couple of glitches in it. Where I seem to say "infinitely escalating morality," the word is actually immorality.

After this program, I learned that Ariana Grande was not born a mulatta, but underwent plastic surgery so that she would appear part-Negro. 

How sick is that? Young women in show-business now undergo surgery to make themselves negroidally ugly -- to improve their career.

I slightly overstated Rush Limbaugh's skepticism toward the accusation against Assad in 2013. What Limbaugh said on 3 September 2013 was that it would have made no sense for Assad to use poison gas and that the so-called rebels could have done it. Here is the transcript.

The video from which this audio was taken can be viewed here.


Pteronarcyd said...

What Negroid/Mulatta features did Ariana Grande get through plastic surgery?

Hadding said...

Are you blind? You'll end up marrying an octoroon for sure, if you can't see the difference.