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27 March 2017

This is the new diva of the Alt Right? Are you kidding?

The problem with a nebulous "movement" such as the Alt Right is that anybody with the ability to attract a lot of attention, or with a lot of attention bestowed by mainstream media, can walk in and become prominent in it.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't prove she's a Jew. First, non-Jews fled the "Nazis", too. Also, she could easily have been saying that to deflect the left's charges of her being a "Nazi". She was 19 years old at the time and probably thought that would offer some cover from leftist character-assassination. David Duke denounced Hitler for years when he was trying to win political office. It's easy to do when you're under the media spotlight and the pressure is on.

Hadding said...

Did I say that it proves that she's a Jew?

She is definitely implying it. That's bad enough.

It was only two years ago. If your defense for her is that she's too young to be responsible for what she says, that's a strike against her too.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. I don't exactly see her as a role model for women or someone men need to put on a pedestal, but I'm also realistic about the social/economic pressure involved in being labeled a "Nazi". I like your page & enjoy your calls to Cantwell, though.

Polar Bear said...

She's a turd.

Polar Bear said...

Where's James from Arizona?

Kynan Dutton said...

A TRUE National Socialist would NEVER denounce Our Great Fuhrer. But Dr. Duke never claimed to be full on NS. Fair is fair.