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22 January 2017

Semi-Revisionism is Dead: a response to David Cole’s “Denial Is Dead”

Jewish Semi-Revisionist David Cole

Semi-Revisionism is a term coined by Professor Robert Faurisson to designate the position of the three men who previously represented Holocaust Revisionism but later retreated to the position of endorsing any Holocaust accusation not specifically addressed by the Leuchter Report. In other words, they give the benefit of the doubt to the Holocaust Faith on every question where an absolute disproof was impossible, in spite of all indications that this indulgence is undeserved.

David Irving invented the Semi-Revisionist position. In 1988 Irving publicly embraced the Leuchter Report and seems to have concluded at that time that the Holocaust in general was a false story. Irving expected to increase his fame by proclaiming this truth himself (much as he had increased his fame by denouncing fraudulent Hitler diaries in 1983). Subsequently, however, Irving found that the pecuniary loss and general hardship that he faced due to the reaction of Organized Jewry was much greater and much more enduring than he had anticipated. The retreat to Semi-Revisionism was David Irving's attempt to restore some of the career and livelihood that he had lost.

Mark Weber, who as early as 1979 had accepted Faurisson's conclusion that there were no gassings of Jews, copied Irving's retreat, evidently due to a failure of courage after witnessing how the relentless persecution of Ernst Zündel continued even after he had beaten them in the False News Trials of 1985, 1988, and 1992.

David Cole is a Zionist Jew who got involved in Holocaust Revisionism after the 1988 False News Trial, a time when it was already clear, as a result of the testimonies in the 1988 False News Trial, that the Holocaust Faith would have to retreat and modify some of its claims in order not to become a laughing-stock. Cole's motive thus was never to debunk the Holocaust, but to save it by revising it, and, to the extent possible, to put a Jewish face on those revisions.
In that light it is unsurprising that Cole ends up denouncing the uncompromising, non-Jewish Revisionists like Robert Faurisson and Ernst Zündel, who stand by their conclusion that the Holocaust is essentially a false story.

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Signifier said...

Excellent article. I really enjoyed it: comprehensive and detailed, a memorable record of the limited Holocaust Revisionism (semi-revisionism) propounded by David Irving and Mark Weber and David Cole, with the latter being the media darling who at least brought Holocaust Revisionism closest to the full Revisionist position. Really well-written, clear, and very informative.

Thank you.

The Devil's Guard said...

Another of David Cole's wise advice to all White Nationalist.


Hadding said...

I already addressed that. http://national-socialist-worldview.blogspot.com/2016/12/is-any-white-nationalist-really-stupid.html

Signifier said...

I reread your "Is any White Nationalist really stupid enough to take advice from David Cole?" because of the article in Taki Magazine by David Cole referenced above. When I read Cole's opening salvos in that Taki article, his manner of address to his audience struck me as slithery and conniving. I know there's a word for someone who pretends to know more than he does, but what's the word for someone who pretends he doesn't know less than he actually does?

You nailed it with your discussion of the Trojan horse in your December article. I'm really sorry that the facts reveal David Cole nonetheless was solely responsible for bringing Holocaust Revisionism closest to the full Revisionist position. I imagine you having choked initially when you found the facts that led you to make this assertion. I wouldn't have fared differently if the discovery was mine, although facts have to be looked in the face.

Signifier said...

Sorry, Hadding. My question, above and in the first paragraph, was typed in error and without proofreading.

I meant to write (regarding David Cole's article in Taki Magazine):

I know there's a word for someone who pretends to know more than he does, but what's the word for someone who pretends he knows less than than he does?

And just to say on a different note, I did not realize, as you asserted in your December article on Cole, that Schopenhauer's statement about the three stages of truth may be spurious. I could have sworn I read that in "The World as Will and Representation" translated by Payne when I read it back in the 1990s, but, darned if I can find it now! Again, you sharpened my understanding.

Hadding said...

To tell you the truth, I am always suspicious when a Jew seems to be "on our side." I am always aware that such manifestations can only be trusted so far.

When a Jew seems to be "on our side" the obvious question is: what does he really want? It is clear to me now exactly what David Cole's motive was.

J Kelly said...

His motive is to expose how ridiculous the idea that the Reinhard Camps were transit camps.

Which it is.

The Devil's Guard said...

Hadding, yes I know you addressed Cole's article "This Is Why We Can't Have White Things" But what about addressing Cole's statement from his "The Alt-Right Gets A Wedgie" specifically this:

"I, on the other hand, continue to be amused at the level of anti-Israel sentiment that exists among self-described white nationalists and alt-rightists. I don’t quite get it. Israel is the closest thing to “the West” in that fetid sandlot known as the Middle East, and Israelis do exactly the types of things that white nationalists and alt-rightists want to do themselves (build walls to halt immigration, unapologetically racially profile in the name of safety, unashamedly fight to preserve an ethno-state, etc.). Yet rather than admiration from the “white right,” Israel gets hostility."

Signifier said...

Hadding, all right. I'll bite: "It is clear to me now exactly what David Cole's motive was."

What was it? Attention? Control? The chance to delimit the range of a full Revisionist position or the chance to derail it?

Hadding said...

The big problem with the State of Israel is that it is parasitic. It cannot survive without lavish assistance from the White world, in particular the horrendously expensive series of wars that has been waged for régime-change in that state's adversaries since 1990, which would very likely be culminating in a war with Russia if Trump had not won the 2016 election.

It is, however, convenient that Cole identified himself as a Zionist.

The Devil's Guard said...

Thank you, Hadding for your reply. Have you by any chance read Matt Parrott's article entitled "Israel Is A Cautionary Tale Not A Model" If you have, what do you think of Matt Parrott's rebuttal?


J Kelly said...

I would think all of you alt right nutbags would appreciate Israel. After all, it puts most of the Jews where you can find them. You know, so you can carry on your Fuhrer's "work."