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04 January 2017

Chicago Negroes Express Hatred for Donald Trump by Kidnapping and Torturing White Man


This man most likely got into this situation partly through being non-racist and trustful of Negroes. Fox TV's Chicago affiliate describes him as "mentally disabled." Apparently he was lured into a stolen vehicle and taken from his suburb to the location in Chicago where this video was made.

Additional details are now available. On Saturday (31 December) the victim's parents had dropped him off at McDonald's in Streamwood, a town west of Chicago, to meet somebody from school that he considered a friend. From there he was taken 30 miles away to Chicago's Homan Square neighborhood in a van that had been stolen in Streamwood. On Monday (2 January) his parents reported him missing to the Streamwood police. They received text-messages claiming that he was being held captive. The Streamwood Police discovered the Facebook video of the man being tortured. On Tuesday evening Chicago police found the victim wandering battered and bloody in shorts and a tanktop, with no jacket in the freezing weather about one block away from where the torture-video had been made

In the second part the savages slice off about one square inch of the man's scalp, in addition to beating him. "This shit is hilarious," says the Negress wielding the cellphone.

The four Negroes are in police-custody while the White man is being treated in a hospital.

The Associated Press interestingly omitted the races of the persons involved and quoted police to the effect that it was "too soon to determine whether the attack was racially motivated." 

For those who would argue that this is not typical Negro behavior, here is a presentation about what typical Negro behavior is, and why it is what it is.


1 comment:

Signifier said...

These D410s do what D410s gotta do: carouse in gangs looking for a weak or vulnerable white person to hurt or kill. (Versace stores use the code D410 to define a Negro walking into the store. Pretty cool, I think.)

And because these D410s maneuver as a gang, they have the courage and bravery that comes with being a mindless, robotic crowd and act unabashedly bold to claim through their mob mentality and violence victory over the enemy: the White person -- until the individual stupidity and violence of each D410 gets them arrested and thrown in jail where they then are free to howl how more Negroes end up in jail than White people because of discrimination by de White man.

And the hate crime law supports Negro hatred of White people especially since no hate crime law exists for the White individual to rebalance the racial favoritism. Blind justice understands that some races are simply more equal than others and have more of a aright to be protected, but White people are alone the only race accused of having "privilege."

A 14-year-old White boy was arrested recently for posting on Facebook a video of a D410 eating fried chicken in a high-school cafeteria and, allegedly, calling him the "N-word." Free speech for the White man is punishable by the hate crime law defending the Negro, but Chicago police can't be certain there was any hate crime involved when a gang of Negroes kidnap a "special needs" White man and torture him while shouting racial epithets at him. That's blind justice all right.