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22 January 2017

Semi-Revisionism is Dead: a response to David Cole’s “Denial Is Dead”

Jewish Semi-Revisionist David Cole

Semi-Revisionism is a term coined by Professor Robert Faurisson to designate the position of the three men who previously represented Holocaust Revisionism but later retreated to the position of endorsing any Holocaust accusation not specifically addressed by the Leuchter Report. In other words, they give the benefit of the doubt to the Holocaust Faith on every question where an absolute disproof was impossible, in spite of all indications that this indulgence is undeserved.

David Irving invented the Semi-Revisionist position. In 1988 Irving publicly embraced the Leuchter Report and seems to have concluded at that time that the Holocaust in general was a false story. Irving expected to increase his fame by proclaiming this truth himself (much as he had increased his fame by denouncing fraudulent Hitler diaries in 1983). Subsequently, however, Irving found that the pecuniary loss and general hardship that he faced due to the reaction of Organized Jewry was much greater and much more enduring than he had anticipated. The retreat to Semi-Revisionism was David Irving's attempt to restore some of the career and livelihood that he had lost.

Mark Weber, who as early as 1979 had accepted Faurisson's conclusion that there were no gassings of Jews, copied Irving's retreat, evidently due to a failure of courage after witnessing how the relentless persecution of Ernst Zündel continued even after he had beaten them in the False News Trials of 1985, 1988, and 1992.

David Cole is a Zionist Jew who got involved in Holocaust Revisionism after the 1988 False News Trial, a time when it was already clear, as a result of the testimonies in the 1988 False News Trial, that the Holocaust Faith would have to retreat and modify some of its claims in order not to become a laughing-stock. Cole's motive thus was never to debunk the Holocaust, but to save it by revising it, and, to the extent possible, to put a Jewish face on those revisions.
In that light it is unsurprising that Cole ends up denouncing the uncompromising, non-Jewish Revisionists like Robert Faurisson and Ernst Zündel, who stand by their conclusion that the Holocaust is essentially a false story.

Read more about it here

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19 January 2017

German Newspaper Editor says German News-Media Controlled by USA, Then Dies

"Germany is still a kind of colony of the United States." 

Udo Ulfkotte, a former editor (until 2003) of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung who revealed in his 2014  book Gekaufte Journalisten (to be published in translation later this year as Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News) was found dead a few days short of his 57th birthday, reportedly of heart-failure, on 13 January 2017. 

He wrote that German news-media are directed to publish false reports that serve the foreign-policy agenda of the government of the United States. They are both bribed for cooperation and punished for refusal to cooperate. 

Of course there are questions about whether Ulfkotte really died of natural causes at only 57 years of age (and, perhaps not coincidentally, just one week before the empowerment of a differently minded U.S. administration). Against that suspicion one can cite the fact that Ulfkotte had a history of heart-trouble. But this question is less important than what Ulfkotte wrote.

Paul Craig Roberts notes:

He published a courageous book in which he said that the CIA had a hand on every significant journalist in Europe, which gave Washington control over European opinion and reduced knowledge of and opposition to Washington’s control over European heads of state. Essentially, there are no European governments independent of Washington. [Global Research, 15 January 2017]

Since controlling the news-media is equivalent to controlling the government, Ulfkotte's book amounts to documentation that Germany today is a vassal of the United States. 

It is important to keep in mind that the CIA is principally an instrument of the current administration. It is not a coincidence that Germany commits racial suicide during the most overtly anti-White U.S. presidential administration in history, one that has even encouraged violence domestically against police and against White people generally. 

In foreign policy, however, it is well known that the U.S.A., which lords over Germany, is in turn a vassal of the Israel Lobby. Ulfkotte has revealed that German news-media were required to publish false war-propaganda in service to the Zionist agenda of régime-change, in particular an accusation in 2011 that Muammar Qadhafi was building a poison-gas factory in Libya. Recently, Ulfkotte said, there has been a campaign of false reporting to drum up a war against Russia, for the obvious reason that Russia interfered with the Zionist agenda of régime-change in Syria.

The new Trump administration will likely bring a reversal or at least a halt to such trends, in Europe as well as in the U.S.A.

Ulfkotte's Errata

Ulfkotte said one thing in his 2014 interview with RT that was incorrect. He said that it was "known all over the world" that in 1988 Kurdish people were gassed by the Iraqi government (at Halabja, in northern Iraq). This is an example of a story that is widely "known" without being true. This false rumor was originally propagated by the Iranians in March 1988 (after they themselves had accidentally gassed some Iraqi Kurds), then taken up and perpetuated by Zionist news-media from September 1988 onward, when the war between Iraq and Iran had ended. (The preeminent source for debunking the gassed-Kurds accusation is Stephen C. Pelletiere, a professor emeritus at the U.S. Army War College.)

The gassing-incident that Ulfkotte personally observed in July 1988 involved, he says, "hundreds or thousands" of gassed Iranians at Zubeidat (in southern Iraq). This would have been a military use of poison-gas against invaders, rather than gratuitous gassing of a civilian population.

It seems that Ulfkotte also still accepted the old anti-German accusation of gassing Jews. It would be surprising if he did not at least suspect that  pro-Jewish lying extended beyond what he was able to determine from his own experience.

04 January 2017

Chicago Negroes Express Hatred for Donald Trump by Kidnapping and Torturing White Man


This man most likely got into this situation partly through being non-racist and trustful of Negroes. Fox TV's Chicago affiliate describes him as "mentally disabled." Apparently he was lured into a stolen vehicle and taken from his suburb to the location in Chicago where this video was made.

Additional details are now available. On Saturday (31 December) the victim's parents had dropped him off at McDonald's in Streamwood, a town west of Chicago, to meet somebody from school that he considered a friend. From there he was taken 30 miles away to Chicago's Homan Square neighborhood in a van that had been stolen in Streamwood. On Monday (2 January) his parents reported him missing to the Streamwood police. They received text-messages claiming that he was being held captive. The Streamwood Police discovered the Facebook video of the man being tortured. On Tuesday evening Chicago police found the victim wandering battered and bloody in shorts and a tanktop, with no jacket in the freezing weather about one block away from where the torture-video had been made

In the second part the savages slice off about one square inch of the man's scalp, in addition to beating him. "This shit is hilarious," says the Negress wielding the cellphone.

The four Negroes are in police-custody while the White man is being treated in a hospital.

The Associated Press interestingly omitted the races of the persons involved and quoted police to the effect that it was "too soon to determine whether the attack was racially motivated." 

For those who would argue that this is not typical Negro behavior, here is a presentation about what typical Negro behavior is, and why it is what it is.