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16 December 2016

What could be less trustworthy than an anonymous leak from the CIA?

The CIA does not vouch for the accusation that the Russian government was responsible for the disclosures of email messages among high-level Democrats, which are thought to have eroded some of Hillary Clinton's support. It is merely a so-called leak from some anonymous person.

Even when the CIA vouches for information it often turns out not to be true.  There were the altered aerial photographs of Auschwitz published in Life magazine in April 1979, and the altered satellite photographs of the Kuwaiti desert used to convince the Saudis that they were threatened by the Iraqi army in 1990.

In this particular matter there are also contradictions. The FBI found no evidence of Russian hacking. Furthermore Craig Murray, a close associate of Julian Assange, states:

"Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians. The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks." (Daily Mail, 14 December 2016)

Not hacks by the Russians, but leaks from Bernie supporters, who disliked the way the Democratic nomination was handed to Hillary without a fair contest. This makes the Democrats look even worse.


Jon Mashburn said...

Hello. I hope you are doing well. Overall, I agree with your post, but one question I would like to ask you is about your assertion that "there were the altered aerial photographs of Auschwitz published in Life magazine in 1978".

Aerial photographs taken of Auschwitz were initially released by the CIA during the late 1970s which show spots on top of the roofs of crematoria 2 and 3 that are allegedly Zyklon B introduction ports. Revisionists such as John Ball have argued that these aerial photographs were tampered with and that the spots were drawn in by the CIA. However, “Black Rabbit” and others have pointed out that the aerial photographs of Auschwitz in the hands of the British that were transferred to an archive open to the general public in 2011 (NCAP) show the same features as the aerial photographs in the US Archives, i.e., spots that seem to resemble Zyklon B introduction ports. It has been argued that people like Ball wouldn’t have even known about these photos and that the fact these photographs exist in the British Archives debunks the notion that the CIA tampered with the photos published in 1979. Thoughts? Do you think this is a convincing argument for the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz? It is unfortunate for revisionists that these aerial photographs which have been in separate archives seem to corroborate the zigzag pattern of the alleged Zyklon B introduction ports in a sketch made by Sonderkommando inmate David Olère’ that he allegedly sketched during the 1940s but that first appeared to the public in 1964 in the French publication Le Droit de Vivre, which predates the CIA publishing the aerial photographs in 1979. To my understanding, there’s also a 1944 Luftwaffe aerial photograph that ostensibly shows the same pattern. Is it even plausible to suggest that all of these photographs are forgeries? Is there some other non-criminal explanation for these markings which coincidentally seem to resemble the sketch made by the inmate David Olère’?

Hadding said...

I added a link to John Ball discussing all the alterations. It was a lot more than just holes in the roofs.