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29 December 2016

Norwegian Cartoon Disrespects the Holocaust

Norwegian public television published a short cartoon depicting university-students seeking an apartment at a place that strikingly resembles a concentration-camp, where an elderly Jew rents an apartment to them. NRK has apologized in response to complaints but has not tried to make the cartoon unavailable. 

Read more about it from CODOH.


J Kelly said...

I'm still hurt they wouldn't let me register.
Do you think it's because I posted as Yitzak Arad?

So, Skeptics. Yes or no?

Hadding said...

I don't participate in the forum very much but I doubt that they exclude Holohoax-believers like yourself. As a matter of fact I am sure that there are some participants there who believe some parts of the Holohoax.

Of course if you are trying to make it hard for yourself, as seems to be the case, then you deserve no sympathy.

J Kelly said...

Yeah, I'm not seeing anything here that really tweaks my interest all that much. A cartoon? Really?

I've gone through a few of the pages here, frankly, I'm not seeing anything too complicated.

I'll stick around and post some more comments.

BTW, we have a new member at Skeptics, named Natius. He sounds like a silly denier and an alt right douchebag.

Does this ring any bells for you?

J Kelly said...

Aaaawwww, such a pity. Natius got himself banned for posting vile, racist comments.
Hope that wasn't you......

Hadding said...

I am not really catering to degenerate know-it-alls here. So it's no surprise that you are unenthused by my blog. Others have a different view. It's no skin off my nose if you go away forever.

J Kelly said...

Don't you want me to come around to your point of view? After all, I'm white. That counts for something, right?