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28 August 2016

Trailer for upcoming film Denial purposefully misquotes David Irving

The trailer for the upcoming film Denial, about David Irving's failed libel-suit in 2000 against Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt, purposefully misrepresents David Irving's position on the Holocaust, and specifically what he said to Deborah Lipstadt on 11 November 1994. 

On that occasion, Professor Lipstadt told an audience that there was a blueprint of a gas-chamber that showed holes in the roof for introducing Zyklon-B pellets. In fact there is no such thing. David Irving stood up and issued the following challenge:

"I have here a thousand dollars for you if you can produce to this audience, now or at any time in the future, this document about which you have just lied to them." (D. Irving, A Radical's Diary, 11 November 1994)

That is what Mr. Irving recorded himself as saying in his Radical's Diary, and there are also two video-recordings of the exchange, one of them made by Emory University.

The trailer for Denial, however, represents David Irving as saying:

"... I've got a thousand dollars to give anyone who can show me a document that proves the Holocaust."

That is very different from what David Irving actually said. David Irving knew that there was no blueprint of an Auschwitz gas-chamber as Lipstadt had claimed, because Robert Faurisson had acquired and published the blueprints for the alleged gas-chambers in 1976: the rooms supposed to be gas-chambers are clearly marked in the blueprints as mortuaries. Irving challenged Lipstadt only on that specific point. The film however has him daring her -- or anyone -- to prove the entire Holocaust. 

The obvious purpose of this misrepresentation is to facilitate labeling David Irving as the quintessential Holocaust Revisionist, or "Denier," which he really never was. David Irving (unlike the much more rigorous and courageous Robert Faurisson) never took the position that there was no Holocaust.

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21 August 2016

Warning about so-called “Official German Records of Prisoners in Auschwitz"

Recently I saw somebody post a link to an article about "Official German Records of Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May 1940 to December 1944." Then somebody sent me the same link by email. The links were to information on the "Darkmoon" blog, which I do not trust at all (because Darkmoon has been known to rely on utterly ridiculous sources)

To determine whether the information was credible, I tried to find where the information had been originally posted, but could not. I did find the same material posted in other places, however.

Whereas the compiler is credited only as "Admin" on the Darkmoon blog, on other sites, like Heretical, the compiler is named as "Germar Rudolf." In fact the compiler is one Peter Stahl, who falsely attached Germar Rudolf's name. 

On 21 August 2016 Rudolf sent out this repudiation:

Dear all:

Please be advised that I had no part in compiling the numbers listed below. That's one of Peter Stahl's disruptive activities. See my article on him here: http://www.vho.org/GB/c/GR/StahlDouglas.html

Stahl did that list I think back in 2002 or 2003 without my knowledge or consent, and it lingers on the net. I have never seen any of these microfilms myself. I remember that Stahl told me once that he has them, and at some point he even offered them to me. But I never had my hands on them, let alone studied them (if they exist). For all I know, this could all be made up. Stahl has a history of lying, and of manipulating or outright forging documents, and the fact that he falsely claimed I had compiled these numbers is a strong indicator that this is fishy. I wouldn't touch these numbers with a ten-foot pole. gr

Stahl's apocryphal figure for the total number of Jews who died in Auschwitz is 60,421. Arthur Butz' less precise but more trustworthy estimate from 1989 is "100,000-150,000" total deaths, of which "a large number would have been Jews" (A. Butz, JHR, fall 1989). It means that Stahl's presumably fictitious figures are toward the low end of what is likely. 

When making a controversial point, be sure that you know the original source of the information that you are using, and whether that source is credible.