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24 May 2016

Semi-Revisionism Demolished

I expose the semi-revisionist position that David Irving has espoused in recent years as baseless rubbish.

More specifically, I demonstrate that David Irving tells absurd falsehoods to maintain the pretense that there were:
(1) limited gassings of Jews in the Auschwitz "bunkers";
(2) mass-murder of Jews in the Aktion Reinhardt camps;
(3) a mass-shooting of innocent Jews near Riga in 1941.


Bruno Dias said...

I was shocked when I read it. I met David Irving through some videos on youtube, and also read some of his books, such as the destruction of Dresden and I always believed that he was the one of those rare historians today who defend the historical truth above all, but I was wrong

Sabu Rasimhara said...

Excellent essay. Irving is a fast talker and apparently full of crap. Probably getting ready for his day in the limelight when they roll out Weber, David Cole, and Irving as interviewees in support of the upcoming Jewish propaganda film, Denial. Most likely will be an Oscar-nominated film in multiple categories, may win one or two, and then some onstage sadness for the 6 million who were never gassed.

Great job dismantling the nonsense, Hadding. Thank you for your considerable contribution to revisionism.

The Devil's Guard said...
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