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24 May 2016

Semi-Revisionism Demolished

I expose the semi-revisionist position that David Irving has espoused in recent years as baseless rubbish.

More specifically, I demonstrate that David Irving tells absurd falsehoods to maintain the pretense that there were:
(1) limited gassings of Jews in the Auschwitz "bunkers";
(2) mass-murder of Jews in the Aktion Reinhardt camps;
(3) a mass-shooting of innocent Jews near Riga in 1941.

14 May 2016

René Binet, Theory of Racism -- 5

Cover-illustration, La Libre Parole, 28 October 1893

Capitalist Barbarism
René Binet

From Théorie du Racisme, 1950, 
Translation by M.M. & Hadding Scott, 2016

Individualism and the thirst for loot, which is to say the desire for profits obtained without labor, are the only motive forces of capitalist society. The ethical values ​​of capitalism are founded upon the ​instinctive values of the inferior races that created it, who govern it, and who use it as their instrument of domination. Capitalism is therefore obliged to seek throughout the world ever new markets, cheap raw materials, and a more numerous workforce at lower wages. Capitalist society's absolute contempt for human values, a contempt based on its ignorance of inherited values, traditions, and racial hierarchies to which it does not adhere, leads it to destroy the peoples' traditions to the degree that these traditions oppose its stranglehold on the land, the wealth, and the workforce of the conquered land.

Proclaiming once again its basic principles of "equality" that allow it to obtain at a low price an army of obedient workers, capitalism promoted the transplanting of populations and the mixing of races. It thus thought to obtain by mixture an ever more numerous mass of undermen without traditions, without political ties, and thereby without means of defense, who would not question the principles of domination that this society has established contrary to nature.

In the name of civilization, capitalism endeavors to develop everywhere a uniform barbarity, and in the name of equality, it prepares the leveling of all human civilization to the level of undermen.

But in this manner, capitalism induces the healthiest elements of each people in every country to see in it the gravest danger and an irreconcilable enemy. The individuals who have remained faithful to the fundamental traditions of their race not only fight capitalism as an economic and political instrument of world-domination, but discover its racial essence. Capitalism is nothing but the means for inferior races to dominate the world. It prepares the twilight of all human society and all civilization.

Capitalist society was thus able to distort a limited area of the world but, during a short period of time, it could not abolish the regular process of the struggle of races. Defectors from superior races could adopt its modes of being, and a significant portion of each race could be reduced to the state of servitude by the monstrous association of these defectors with the masters of capital. In response, however, the purest part of each people looked up and began to coalesce for its own safety and for the salvation of the race.

Capitalism itself has created the means for its own demise: individualistic and competitive, it develops the anarchy of production that brings increasingly violent crises and unleashes social struggles for bread.

It seizes ever greater hoards of wealth, wherewith it is unable to guarantee full employment, and can neither prevent economic crises nor stop them.

It subjugates ever more peoples that it uproots and causes to dwindle, whose decadence it assures, but in each of them it obliges racial elites to rise up, defending their people and striving to slaughter capitalism, its doctrine, and its causes, ultimately reestablishing a truly human scale of values.

It has created a growing number of mongrels and antisocial or unsocial elements that are less and less manageable and governable in accord with the political processes of liberalism and capitalism. Thus arises an army of undermen who will boost progress in the wrong direction by the ascent to power of an increasingly large number of them.

Finally, the reflexive cosmopolitanism that is the basis of capitalism's organization led to the formation of sprawling states tending toward global domination, which is to say toward the proletarianization of nations and of entire continents, thereby increasing the general opposition to its methods.

In all fields, the forces assemble that will bring justice out of the current chaos that is born from the rise to power of the undermen.

Finally, the races that constitute the capitalist state, unfit for the profession of arms and for all creative activity, are obliged to entrust the laboratories, the weapons, and technical means of war to men who, when they will take cognizance of their present subjugation, will redirect those instruments against the capitalist races.

In summary, labor, instead of being an honor and a social duty, the source of all income, has become  servitude for the majority of the people. It is found that these were the strata most fit for the creative activity that the inversion of economic and social values subjected to the arbitrary power of the undermen who have become masters of production through capital and the appropriation of gold. 

08 May 2016

Stefan Molyneux explains In-Group Preference and Why It Matters

Everything that Molyneux explains here about Muslims is also applicable to Jews. This is why, in the early 20th century, some institutions established quotas limiting Jewish participation: to prevent Jews from taking over. You can read about this, for example, in Henry Ford's collection of essays, The International Jew.

In reality those barriers were insufficient, since Jews ultimately did take over.  Today Jews dominate mass-media and elite universities in the United States, not because they are so much more capable than the others but because of this in-group preference that Molyneux observes in Muslims. 

Does it really matter that Jews do this? You bet. Mass-media are the primary source of power in a society where the government is elected. Using their control of mass-media and consequent control of public opinion, Jews have manufactured consent for several completely unnecessary and disastrous foreign wars, along with racially suicidal domestic policies.

Since the Second World War, which was a great victory for Jewish propaganda, all prudent defensive measures against the encroachment of Jewish power have been abandoned in the Western World (because such measures are said to be Hitlerian). Now the White West is defenseless prey not only to Jews, who were relatively small in number, but to other non-White populations, inexhaustible in number, that Jewish propaganda told us that we must not exclude.

Only people of Northern-European ancestry have such an extreme concern for fairness and individual rights as to ignore totally their own group's interests, or even to work to a great degree against those interests. Why? Because these tendencies were helpful for group-survival in a frozen and inhospitable climate with low population-density and little interaction with foreign peoples.

In today's world these generous tendencies of our race must be checked and kept within healthy limits, not unconditionally encouraged. Masculine authority and the will to say no must become strong again.

06 May 2016

René Binet, Theory of Racism -- 4

The Lie of Equality
René Binet

From Théorie du Racisme, 1950, 
Translation by M.M. & Hadding Scott, 2016

The assertion "all men are equal" offered a justification for this taking power, on the one hand, and for the looting of the world on the other. The possession of capital, then the appropriation therewith of the creation and the discoveries of the men of our race by the men of inferior strata, led to the entry of these undermen[*] into politics. Bringing along moral values appropriate for justifying their new power, they prepared the total decline of the racially superior men.

With what is called the bourgeois revolution, or capitalist society, a new scale of political and ethical values was created ​​that would lead to the establishment of the bourgeois republic, in the place of the hierarchy of the people based on the unequal merits of the men who were members of it. To each stage of the historical process corresponds a specific political development: first races are subjugated by the lord conqueror who makes serfs of them; then associations of freedmen engage in commerce, buying franchises and the right to bear arms; then independent republics of emancipated merchants begin to assess individuals based on wealth and not on race. Such are the different steps in the rise of some, and the decline of the others.

At the same time as the prerogatives of race weaken, the demands of the inferior social-racial strata become more arrogant, until the instant when the balance has been destroyed and wealth makes possible the political imposition of race-mixture, and the social and political decline of yesterday's rulers.

Modern government is nothing more than the representative of those who have been enriched and empowered by looting. All laws issuing from these governments are initiated only as a means of racial struggle, and trample underfoot all values that had been those of earlier states.

The reciprocal duties that primordially united one man to another have been broken: the "baron" is not protecting his "retinue" anymore; his subordinates no longer owe him "services." Capitalism exposed man without defense to arbitrariness and the curse of gold; all human solidarity was negated. Henceforth, only capitalism's  law and possession are affirmed. Man becomes nothing but a number, a book-value subjected to  brutal and unscrupulous exploitation: his honor and his dignity could not be figured into the accounting of cash-flows.

Even family-relationships have ceased to be human connections, becoming no more than subjects for  the calculation of interest. At the same time as society was losing its natural foundation, race, it was abandoning all its human-based connections. A biological order that is contrary to nature, a political order that is contrary to nature: such is capitalist society. Turning its back on nature's relationships and biological equilibrium, this society is designed to supply profit for the few parasites who founded it and live off it. It opens the door to chaotic and sterile competition, to the total anarchy of production, and to political invasion by lower races.

Production ceases to correspond to the real needs of the community so as to represent henceforth only surplus value for the usurpers of the means of production. At the same time as production loses its natural political organization, it also loses its basis within the nation. Capitalism is cosmopolitan in its social and political doctrine because it has severed all ties to the biological foundations of human societies.
*Binet uses the word sous-homme. Obviously this is to represent the German word Untermensch. Prior to the 20th century, the adjective untermenschlich, which meant immoral, was common, but the noun  Untermensch practically did not exist. Nietzsche (who had the habit of inventing words) used it once with a very different meaning from how the National-Socialists later used the word: Nietzsche said that Doestoyevsky's Untermensch  was the same as his Übermensch. The National-Socialist use of the word Untermensch seems to have had nothing to do with Nietzsche, but was inspired by Lothrop Stoddard's 1922 book The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under-Man. In this context, the Untermensch is not a "subhuman" but rather a human of bad hereditary character. As Stoddard uses the word it is a catch-all term for human types that, if they become too numerous, bring civilization to ruin. That is what Binet means by sous-homme.