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26 March 2014

Anti-Assad Propaganda: BBC's Falsification Exposed

The BBC cultivates a reputation for impartial accuracy most of the time so that when they lie they will be believed. 

In the period following 11 September 2001, the BBC was broadcasting the absurd lie that the Taliban were responsible for production of opium, even though it was already well known that the Taliban had outlawed poppy-farming in the 90% of Afghanistan that they controlled. 

This clip from RT's The Truthseeker calls attention to a similarly demonstrable misrepresentation, the alteration of a video-clip that the BBC had already aired, for the purpose of portraying Syria's president Dr. Assad as a monster who "gassed his own people."

Truthseeker's host, Daniel Bushell, asks: "Why do we get almost identical claims before each war, which then prove [to be] lies?" That kind of skepticism should lead one to question the anti-Hitler propaganda of the Second World War, which seems to have provided the foundation for most subsequent American and British war-propaganda.

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Tony McElveen said...

It's really pathetic when the Jewish war propaganda machine can't get any more creative in convincing the goy to do their fighting for them