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27 November 2014

Rush Limbaugh and the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock

On 26 November 2014, Rush Limbaugh ended his daily three-hour show with a parable about the Pilgrims who legendarily inaugurated the American holiday known as Thanksgiving. He read about it from his book See I Told You So.

What the Pilgrims originally established, says Limbaugh, was a commune, with all property and all production shared equally by all, without regard for whether one individual had been more productive than another. Limbaugh points out that this communism failed, understandably, because there was no individual incentive to work and produce.

As a solution to this problem, Limbaugh tells us, the land that had been held in common was divided into plots, and each family given a plot to till and harvest. This system produced such an overabundance of food that they ended up giving some of it away to the local savages.

Where Limbaugh goes wrong is in calling this latter arrangement capitalism.

Making sure that everybody has property is not capitalism. It conforms to the economic doctrine known as distributism. Distributism is an important ideal in National-Socialism, Fascism, and also Catholic social doctrine. Limbaugh has hammered a square peg into a round hole by calling the Pilgrims' economy "capitalist."

Under capitalism, instead of a plot being assigned to each family, the Pilgrims would have been expected to borrow money to buy land. Due to differences in credit, some would have been able to buy more land than others, and some would have gotten none. The ones who could not get any land would have had to seek employment with the ones who did. Then, of those who had been able to buy land, it is certain that with excessive production of food -- which drives down the price -- some would not bring in enough money to cover the interest on the loans, and they would lose their land, so that they too would then have to seek employment. In the end, under capitalism, unemployment would have forced many of the Pilgrims to find new farmland in less desirable locations outside of the colony, where they could produce for themselves and survive, while within the colony a small minority of capitalist Pilgrims would have owned most of the land, probably forming a trust among themselves to make sure that they would not overproduce food and drive the price too low.

That's a typical representation of how capitalism works out.  It is not at all like having a central authority allocate adequate means of production for each family to be self-sufficient. Capitalism, while preaching self-reliance as a virtue, differs from distributism in that it gives no assurance that the majority will have the means to achieve it. In fact, the inherent tendency of unregulated capitalism is to drive the majority to poverty and dependence.

I wrote to Limbaugh immediately after his show, informing him that the ideal economy that he had described was not capitalism but distributism, and supplying a link to an entry in an online encyclopaedia that explains the doctrine. Will he take note of the correction? Most likely not.

03 November 2014

Jewish Terrorism against Britain during World War II

This report from 1944 is interesting for several reasons: (1) it shows Jews as terrorists, which may be important in case anyone believes that only Muslims can be terrorists; (2) it shows Jews stabbing Britain in the back even while Britain is fighting a self-destructive war for the Jews' benefit; (3) it is one of many illustrations of how well Jews function as criminal conspirators, committing many acts of terrorism simultaneously in what is obviously a large organization (the Stern Gang).

This report of bombings is just a small sample of the terrorism perpetrated by Jews.

Among the terrorists were future politicians of the State of Israel. Future Prime Minister Menachem Begin is shown in the wanted poster below.*

This report from the Jewish Telegraph Agency emphasizes, in the parts not shown below, that some Jewish leaders and organizations condemned the terrorism. That might impress a reader who lacks a broader perspective on the matter, but when those terrorists go on to have successful political careers in the Jewish State, the pretense that they represent only a tiny fringe wears thin.

Palestine Quiet following Blasting of Police Station by Terrorists
By Victor M. Bienstock
[31 March 1944]

Jerusalem (JTA) -- Palestine was quiet this week -- on the eve of March 31, the date when the White Paper ban on immigration goes into effect -- after a week-end marked by explosions in police stations in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jaffa, and gun battles between police and Jewish terrorists.


The most spectacular of the series of blasts set off by the terrorists occurred in the heart of Jerusalem. The city's shopping district looks like London during the height of the Blitz. Within a radius of 200 yards from the Russian Compound, a section in the center of the city, hardly a plate glass window was left intact. Shop signs had been blasted away, several stores were completely gutted, and the streets were covered with a blanket of shattered glass.


The raid on the police headquarters in Jerusalem was the most daring operation undertaken by the terrorists, whom the authorities identified as members of the "Stern Gang," which is fighting for the abrogation of the White Paper and for free Jewish immigration to Palestine. The terrorists, wearing police uniforms, gained access to the building through a ladder. They killed a senior police officer who was on duty and who attempted to resist them, and they placed the bombs which subsequently exploded, wrecking the building and rattling the windows in the centre of the city for a mile around.

In Haifa, the bombs exploded in the local police headquarters about the same hour when the explosions took place in Jerusalem. In Jaffa four sacks of gelegnite were found stacked up against the wall of the local police headquarters, which were immediately evacuated. Later, however, a series of explosions wrecked three floors in the southern end of the building. A police patrol challenged three suspects who opened fire, wounding one constable. Two of the suspects are believed to have been wounded.

In Tel Aviv, the bombing of the police station was preceded by a series of attacks against British police officers, which resulted in the fatal shooting of one. Two others were critically wounded. The attacks took place in different sections of Tel Aviv within the same half-hour. [Jewish Telegraph Agency, 31 March 1944
* According to Walter Sanning, The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry, Menachem Begin was one of many Jews that the Soviet Union had evacuated from eastern Poland ahead of the German advance in 1941. Begin was then trained by the USSR in guerrilla techniques, with the idea that he would go back to Poland to fight the Germans -- but as a Zionist Jew, he had his own agenda: he made his way to Palestine to fight the British instead.

14 October 2014

Matt Koehl, 1935-2014

Matt Koehl
The web-site of Matt Koehl's organization, New Order, reports that he passed away during the night of 9-10 October 2014.

Matthias Koehl, Jr. was born in Milwaukee, the son of ethnic German parents (his father an immigrant from Hungary). Although his family seems to have been devoutly Christian (his mother being a Sunday-school teacher and his siblings both having Biblical names) he stopped attending church at age 16. As a young man he was involved with the National Renaissance Party, then the National States' Rights Party, before joining George Lincoln Rockwell's organization in 1960. He became the leader of the Chicago unit, then was transferred to headquarters in Arlington, where he was Rockwell's research-director. It was Koehl who uncovered the fact that some ostensible images of gassed Jews really showed German victims of Allied bombing, as Rockwell indicated in his interview for Playboy in 1966. Koehl was then appointed Deputy-Commander, and upon Rockwell's death in 1967 Koehl assumed the position of Commander of the National-Socialist White People's Party, but was openly diffident about being able to fill Rockwell's shoes: "I don't know of anyone who can fill his shoes. We cannot talk in terms of a successor to Commander Rockwell. But we'll all do everything we can to carry on." 

Matt Koehl, on the verge of being arrested while giving a speech in Boston, October 1974
I became aware of Matt Koehl about 1984 when he appeared on a syndicated interview-show called Face to Face with Martin Caidin. 

At the time, I claimed libertarianism as my ideology, because libertarianism seemed to me at the time the best option for opposing racial problems that had been created by the government. Part of libertarianism, however, is the idea of the free marketplace of ideas. Let all ideas be heard and the good ideas will defeat the bad ones.

I was eager to hear Matt Koehl explain how he could be a "Nazi," which is how Martin Caidin had labeled him. I wanted to know how Koehl came to such a position, which seemed incomprehensible according to everything that I knew at the time.

The problem was, Martin Caidin would not let Matt Koehl speak. The whole show consisted of Caidin berating Koehl. This bothered me so much that I wrote a letter to the production company and complained about it. I said that Caidin had made me feel sorry for the "Nazi."

The show made a permanent impression on me that changed the course of my life. According to libertarian thinking, if an idea like Koehl's has to be suppressed -- if the people can't be allowed to hear it -- then there must be something good about it. And those who are so determined to suppress that idea must have something to hide.

Gradually I noticed that the suppression of Matt Koehl's idea on that show was not unique. I noticed that the available information about national-socialist ideas and history always included hostile moralizing, similar to Martin Caidin's berating of Matt Koehl, with the obvious purpose of making sure that nobody would consider that there might be something good about it. I also noticed that criticism of Jews from whatever source was aggressively suppressed, which made me wonder if Jews really did exercise greater power in the USA than most people were willing to say. I already had an explanation for why they would be unwilling to say it -- because they would get the same kind of nasty treatment as Martin Caidin gave to Matt Koehl, or worse. The treatment of Matt Koehl in that so-called interview made me aware that there must be a whole other side of the story that I wasn't supposed to get.

I understand that there are legitimate criticisms of Koehl as George Lincoln Rockwell's successor. Koehl did not continue to advance the NSWPP on the course that Rockwell had projected. Instead, as Dr. William Pierce complained, the NSWPP under Matt Koehl lapsed back into phase I of Rockwell's four-phase plan, which consisted of uniformed public appearances for the purpose of attracting the attention of mass-media, in keeping with Koehl's martial background as a Marine and trainer of the National Renaissance Party's security force before he met Rockwell. Then in the early 1980s, Koehl changed the name of the National-Socialist White People's Party to the New Order, and changed its orientation to Hitlerism as a religion, reflecting an impulse that Koehl had inherited as the scion of a strongly religious family. It is evident that Koehl did not have the right kind of personality to continue what Rockwell had started, on the course that Rockwell had intended.

Nonetheless, Matt Koehl is a significant figure for me, because of that one TV appearance circa 1984. Matt Koehl's exposure of the fact that national-socialism was the one ideology that was not allowed free expression started me on the course that led to my being a national-socialist today (without the uniformed theatrics).

Hadding Scott

For refutation of some nasty rumors about Koehl, see my article, "Rick Cooper's 'Brief History' and the Defamation of Matt Koehl."

29 September 2014

Zionist Rhetoric infiltrates White Nationalism

This is an interesting piece of twisty rhetoric that I've seen disciples of Bob Whitaker (BUGSters) and a few others use.

Golda Meir
The rhetorical formula, "They hate Jews more than they love their own ..." can be found in Zionist-Jew propaganda going back many years. It's adapted from a statement attributed to Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (1973). It's a way of saying that people who have a conflict with Jews -- foremost the Palestinians and populations of the various Arab states that have had wars with the State of Israel -- are pointlessly self-destructive and therefore crazy. It dismisses out of hand the possibility that there might be some justified grievance.

It is a characteristically Jewish piece of rhetoric, insofar as the Jews alone among peoples are in the habit of claiming that they are targeted with irrational hatred.

Recently this rhetoric has cropped up in what is supposed to be White Nationalist media. This is an attempt to trace that development and to show who introduced this form of ad hominem argument into the WN milieu and who has taken it up.

Jack Wheeler, an aide to President George W. Bush, may have been the first to adapt it for use against political dissenters within the United States, specifically against conservative Republicans who disagreed with fighting foreign wars for the Jewish State.

This rhetoric seems to have made its way into White Nationalism via a route that you can see traced in the examples below. The course of development, roughly, is this: first it was adapted by Zionist Republicans to attack conservative Republicans; then it was used by Jews on the fringe of White Nationalism to attack White Nationalists; then finally it was adopted by a few individuals within White Nationalism to attack other White Nationalists.

"What would drive conservatives to such craziness? Let’s not pussy-foot around and face the core ugliness squarely. The cause is anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism trumps patriotism to America. Hatred of Israel causes a desire for America’s defeat. Blame-America-First Conservatives hate Israel more than they love America, they hate Jews more than they love their country." -- Jack Wheeler (attacking Pat Buchanan and Robert Pape), 12 July 2005. http://www.tothepointnews.com/content/view/1598/126/

* * *

"Hitler’s two biggest complaints were as follows IMO:

1) There are not enough Muslims. These Muslims hate the Jews really well.
2) Whites are not ethnocentric enough.
"These New Age fools answered his prayers. We now have a common sense of oppression among Whites which is unprecedented. Of course, they hate jews more than they love us……" -- BUGSter Tim, 15 January 2008. http://www.whitakeronline.org/blog/2...#comment-41506

* * *

"Recently I got involved in an argument in the comments to the Brussels Journal blog. One of the commenters insisted that Jews have too much power in his country, that they support immigration, and therefore they are the main reason for Islamization.

"I answered that it is also possible to explain why anti-Semites cause Islamization. Namely, they hate Jews more than they love Europe; so they invite Muslims in to do away with their Jews. He was insulted and answered that he personally did not invite anybody." -- Dimitri K., "Gates of Vienna" 14 April 2008. http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/20...amization.html

* * *

"Correct. And why is this so? Because, as I’ve said so many times, the anti-Semites hate the Jews more than they love the things that they profess to love.

"It’s analogous to Arafat and the “peace” process. In 2000 he turned down the offer from Ehud Barak to establish a Palestinian state on 97 percent of the West Bank, by far the best deal the Palestinians could ever hope to get from Israel. Why? Because Arafat didn’t want a Palestinian state and peace with Israel. He wanted to continue to wage a war of annihilation against Israel. That’s what he lived for. Had he accepted peace with Israel, his life would have become meaningless to him.

"Similarly, the anti-Semites really have no positive beliefs, they have no vision of a good society they want to achieve. The things they profess to believe in, such as white preservation and stopping nonwhite immigration, are in reality merely fronts to justify their anti-Semitism. It is their opposition to the Jews that is the organizing idea of their lives, and without it their lives would become meaningless to them.

"For example, Kevin MacDonald ... " -- Lawrence Auster. 16 July 2010. http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/016984.html

* * *

"aren't you swell...willing to join with avowed enemies of the west because they hate jews(as a jew myself i want to preserve the west and european culture) as much as you do. and that is why you will forever be marginalized and ridiculed. you hate jews more than you love yourself!" -- self-proclaimed Jew posting on Stormfront, 14 March 2011. https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t32...76#post9040068

* * *

"But some people hate Jews more than they love their own people. They hate Jews so much that they want them to be harmed, even if it harms us too—even if it harms us more." -- Greg Johnson, 5 August 2011. http://www.counter-currents.com/2011...h-nationalism/

* * *

"I hope this convinces those (few of) you on the racial right that started out having at least a little bit of sympathy for the Occutards that they’re hopeless. Otherwise, I’ll have to conclude what I have always thought about some of you, that you reallly hate Jews more than you love Whites." -- anonymous conservative blogger on a former C of CC url, 21 February 2012 https://countenance.wordpress.com/20...tient-prisons/

* * *

"The other problem is that some people who talk about Israel endlessly don’t really care about Whites at all, they just hate Jews. From my limited experience, they do more harm than good. They will step all over good pro-White points in order to get the thrill of verbally insulting Jews." -- BUGSter Jason, 7 May 2012. http://www.whitakeronline.org/blog/2...#comment-56254

* * *

"Unfortunately, many so-called “white nationalists” hate the Jews more than they love their people. I don’t need to point out how psychologically sick that is." -- Greg P (frequent commenter on Greg Johnson's blog), 23 July 2012. http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net...#comment-82534

* * *

"In other words, don’t fall for people who hate Jews more than they love Whites." -- BUGSter Jason, 31 August 2012. http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net...#comment-87624

* * *

"The Jew-centrics are basically only anti-Jewish, not pro-White, in my experience. They hate Jews more than they love Whites (if they like Whites at all)." -- BUGSter Jason, 21 September 2012. http://www.whitakeronline.org/blog/2...#comment-58196

* * *

Obviously you hate Jews and Americans more than you love white people and more than you care about white ethnonationalism. -- Greg Johnson, 4 March 2014. http://www.counter-currents.com/2014/03/the-ukraine-crisis/#comment-45661

* * *

"That is doubly ironic, since you appear to be one of those people who hates Jews more than he loves whites." -- Greg Johnson, 4 March 2014. http://www.counter-currents.com/2014...#comment-45665

* * *

"But some people hate Jews more than they love their own people. They hate Jews so much that they want them to be harmed, even if it harms us too—even if it harms us more." -- Greg Johnson, 23 July 2014 http://www.counter-currents.com/2014...-palestinians/

* * *

So, this twisted form of rhetoric, which comes from Zionism and is especially used by Zionists -- usually with Palestinians or Arabs more generally as the ones who hate Jews more than they love "their own children," "their own lives," etc. -- can be documented within White Nationalism first as used by BUGSter "Tim" in 2008; then in 2010 by Lawrence Auster, a Jew on the fringe of WN who said however that he had uttered it "many times"; then it was used by an anonymous Jew posting on Stormfront in 2011. Of those three early users of this verbal formula on the racial right, we have information that two, Auster and the Stormfront poster, were Jews, while BUGSter "Tim" is unknown. It turns out, however, that BUGSter Tim was an admirer of Lawrence Auster, commending Auster to other BUGSters on 24 August 2006, a few months after his use of the verbal formula. Thus it appears likely that the influence of Lawrence Auster was the key factor in getting White Nationalists to mouth a Zionist slogan that discourages criticism of Jews.

Since 2011 it has been used three times (that I could find) by BUGSter "Jason" and four times by Greg Johnson (the last time recycling a three-year-old essay by giving it a new title).

What kind of White Nationalist tries to make his fellow White Nationalist interlocutor shut up by calling him, in effect, a crazy Jew-hater -- while paraphrasing Golda Meir?   

I have a couple of considerations to offer in regard to how to answer that question.

The first is the revelation from Jimmy Marr, a recent collaborator with the BUGSters, that Bob Whitaker's "handler" is a woman married to a Jew or part-Jew who is also a BUGSter. The BUGS organization, says Marr, is under Jewish influence.

The second is that Greg Johnson, the other ostensible White Nationalist prominently using this rhetoric, has written an essay called "Dealing with the Holocaust," which argues that the central piece of Jewish and anti-White propaganda, the Holohoax, must not be challenged. Not getting involved in historical revisionism oneself is a matter of personal choice, but for a supposed White Nationalist to go out on a limb telling others that they should not question the Jewish Holocaust myth is extraordinary.

Johnson also happens to take the eccentric position that White Nationalists "have an interest in the continued existence of the State of Israel" (Greg Johnson, "White Nationalism and Jewish Nationalism," Counter-Currents, 5 August 2011).

You decide what it means. 

In what may be a related matter, Nick Griffin of the British National Party reveals that he was offered money by Zionists to stop discussing certain topics: How Patriotism is Co-Opted and Misdirected

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08 September 2014

The Racial Awakening of the German People, by Dr. Rudolf Frercks -- End

Although Anglo-American war-propaganda of both World Wars exaggerated Nietzsche's influence in Germany, he did exert some influence on National-Socialist thought, as becomes evident in the penultimate chapter of Dr. Frercks' pamphlet on National-Socialist racial policy.

The following represents the two final chapters from a booklet written by Rudolf Frercks, vice-director of the NSDAP's Office of Racial Policy, and originally published in 1935. Translation by Hadding Scott, 2014.

Our Mission in Racial Policy

"National-Socialism is applied racial doctrine."

National-Socialism has recognized that the destiny of all peoples is not bound to external accidents -- to lost wars, to an undermined  economy, or to a natural disaster -- but that a nation's will to live solely and exclusively determines whether the race and the type, and therewith all the achievements of political, cultural, and economic life produced by it, are preserved through the centuries of history. We know therefore that all external measures in the end would be futile, that all exertions and casualties of the struggle, all commitment for building anew would be in vain, if in a few hundred years persons with different faces would then inhabit German lands, who, although they might still speak our language, would think and feel differently, because they would be of alien blood.

Whenever the question of healthy and valuable progeny in a people is no longer regulated by natural instinct, and "ethnic status" has been overcome, it is the duty of a state recognizing the biological laws of racial and populational policy as the foundation of its existence to intervene. To liberal thinking such measures may seem harsh, but they are nonetheless salubrious for the people as a whole. Therefore the new state had to undertake first,  through the Law for the Prevention of Congenitally Ill Progeny, to cause the unhealthy hereditary lines of our people to run dry and to exclude them from propagation; and beyond that to prevent mixture with racial aliens. Even more important than these measures for protection against the congenitally incompetent and different, are the positive measures that add up to a promotion of families that are congenitally healthy and rich in children. The state seeks to facilitate the founding of families through marriage-loans, tax-breaks, and compensation-funds.

That these practical measures, necessary and desirable in themselves, will gradually yield what is required for keeping a people alive, is a fact that we must keep in mind. That is because the new state's challenges in populational policy require the voluntary commitment of every individual.

Education about Racial Policy

Our racial world of beholding and experiencing is so basic and instinctual that we consider it fundamentally mistaken only to use promulgation of heredity-laws and many isolated scientific facts to move Germans to a changed attitude toward the child and toward the biological occurrence of the folk. For 2000 years
the German people has taken the path of self-preservation and growth of its substance as a people, without having known anything about laws of heredity. And we are convinced that also in the future it will not consider this necessary for its racial health, if it succeeds in clearing away from the soul of the German person all the rubbish and refuse of a merely calculating and mechanically oriented epoch.

Our mission, deriving from biological facts, must be again to lead the nation as a whole into rediscovering the path to itself and heeding the voice of its own blood, and furthermore rejecting all values adopted from outside as alien to its essence. With this inner orientation the life of the people also will be secured in regard to its racial character.

"What was shackled for a thousand years is being liberated for the salvation and for the health of our people and for others. The nobility of the human body has become free of its defilement and decay. A new world of beauty proclaims itself." (Adolf Hitler.) 

The German Woman as Protectress of the Type

And here it has been shown to the German woman where she can assist in the mission of racial rebuilding; her cooperation is perhaps the most important, since whether we shall continue on the path of biological decay, or whether respect and reverence for the eternal process of life will rise again in the next generation, depends
ultimately on her relationship to the child and to the family. The youth must again learn to understand with a sense of destiny (ahnungsvoll) that it is only a link in the chain of the eternal sequences of generations of a people, and it must eventually in turn be the beginning of new chains of generations, if the people of the Germans wants to live and ought not to shrink in number in the next decades.

The education should not consist in conveying knowledge; rather we have a much broader concept of education in racial policy, and we mean by that the retuning (Umstimmung) of the person in the depth of his soul, in his character. The point is to overcome the person's wrong inner attitude, which is not to be accomplished with the aid of calculation, clever words, or imparting of knowledge, but only and exclusively through an inner transformation of the person himself.[1] Thus will the upbringing of the youth into a natural life that affirms life allow a healthy new generation to mature, for which the body is not bad in itself[2] and must be chastened for the salvation of the soul. We wish moreover, in accord with the words of our Leader at the Stuttgart Gymnastic Festival, a youth "with a radiant spirit and magnificent bodies." If it is rumored from groups of emigrants that we have turned to barbarism, they might call it that -- if we again understand it to mean life in its original condition, bound to Nature and close to the Earth. The meaning and the purpose however ought to be -- and only then will the work have succeeded -- to make all work of enlightenment and education in racial policy superfluous, when the life of the nation will again cut its path vigorously and instinctively into the future.

The Racial Idea Structures the German Future

Today the epoch of raceless thinking is dissolved by the thought and the idea of human polymorphism, the value of which stems exclusively from rootedness in ancestry and soil, the historic mission of which consists in the representation of its own incontrovertible and eternal value. This breakthrough of new racial thinking must find its natural adversaries among all those who are anxious to produce the unity of the culture and of the social order and organization of mankind through calculation, or even dogmatically through a religion.

"When we speak of race, we mean the whole to which body and physicality is necessary, which however also extends into that great sphere of the life of the mind and the soul. If we deliberately conduct a racial policy, we are not thereby cultivating men as if they were cattle; rather we are taking care that healthy men grow, from whose healthy blood the great law of their kind speaks and which now for the first time in this world can structure what the German people has sought and longed for and striven after on an endlessly long, bitter path through centuries of its history: the Dominion of the Germans, about which we believe that it is not only a state but a dominion of the soul." (Dr. Walter Gross)

[1]. Houston Stewart Chamberlain had talked about such a deep inner transformation of the Germans in his book Aryan Worldview (which I recently translated for Wermod and Wermod). Chamberlain foresaw it as a result of the influence of ancient Indian thought in Germany, although that is not specified here by Frercks. Indian thought, Chamberlain believed, was superior to Ancient Greek thought for the purpose of helping the Germans to find their way out of Semitic influence and back to their own true selves.

[2]. Some of the language and ideas in this sentence, and to some degree in the rest of the chapter, are conspicuously Nietzschean. The noun Lebensbejahung (saying yes to life) is an important term in Nietzsche's thought. The adjective lebensbejahend (life-affirming), which Frercks uses here, had been used by some authors influenced by Nietzsche in the early 20th century. The proposition that cultivation of the body should not be neglected (as had been the tendency in Germany prior to the First World War) is an emphatic point with Nietzsche.

05 September 2014

The Racial Awakening of the German People, by Dr. Rudolf Frercks -- Part 9

"The right choice of a mate is the prerequisite for a worthy and happy community of life. Make your decision only when you have a clear picture of the hereditary traits of the other's kin. Marry only the offspring of congenitally healthy, racially kindred stock. Mental and physical heritage is resurrected in the children. In your choice lies the destiny of your lineage and of the nation."

The text below represents a chapter from a booklet written by Dr. Rudolf Frercks, vice-director of the NSDAP's Office of Racial Policy, and published with official approval originally in 1935. Translation by Hadding Scott, 2014.


Our leader has coined the saying, "What is not race on this Earth, is chaff."* With that he conveyed that the value of a people lies in its race, its blood. A people that ceases to be loyal to its image, to its kind, and to its mission in history, has lost its right to life and is on its way to its demise. This has already played out many times in history. The descendants of the ancient Greeks and Romans no longer have anything physically and mentally in common with their ancestors who created those high cultures of antiquity. The men that live there today are different from those whose artworks we still admire today, whose philosophy and writings we still study today.

We ask, why do we find different men today than back then? -- and we find the same causes back then as play out in our own time before our own eyes. First, counter-selection: in other words, the most competent and capable, the culture-bearing classes, renounced procreation and gradually died out, while the congenitally not so competent classes increased in number. Second, the feeling for purity of the blood was lost, so that through the peaceful infiltration of racially alien persons the face of these peoples changed.

Racial Conceit?

All these peoples have sinned against the missions assigned to them by God, namely to maintain themselves in their kind and to create from their essence. Among us too this sense has already in many ways been lost, and many found the Aryan legislation harsh. It was said that the Jews, Negroes, and Mongols in any case were humans too; one no longer sensed, in the megalopolitan civilization that gradually dulls every natural sense, what it was about these races that was so foreign to our essence. We have been accused of racial conceit and haughtiness: no, this is not it; we do not want to humiliate the alien races; we also do not even say that they are inferior, but of a different kind. And in this difference of kind -- in this foreignness compared to our kind, our essence, our thought, and our feeling -- is the basis for our response. We also do not want therefore to speculate and ask why there are now various races of man on this Earth; rather we want to concentrate on ourselves and again follow the laws of nature that have separated blood from blood. Everyone is familiar with the faces of mixed-race persons from the harbor-districts of the big cities, who look so ugly because they are internally unhappy and divided, and  vacillate this way and that when making a decision. But we remember in contrast the men about whom one knows exactly how they will conduct themselves in particular situations of life -- cowardly or brave, loyal or honorless.

"Infinitely many virtues of the character, infinitely great harmony of the spirit and of the body, and with that an immense quantity of human happiness, has been our loss due to mixture with alien blood. And whoever experiences our days with open eyes sees shocking examples every day of the frightening consequences that accompany such disloyalty toward one's own blood. For, out of it arise men that wander anchorless and spiritually homeless between the peoples, that belong neither to the one nor to the other, and in psychic despair and often material distress must stand aloof from the great events of their age." (Dr. Walter Gross.)

But woe unto a people if it is so strongly infused with foreign blood  that it no longer thinks as a unit in difficult hours of its existence, if it vacillates at the moment when it has to decide for honor and freedom or for slavery.

Bastards on the Rhine

Where mixture with highly dissimilar races can lead has been shown to us by the occupation of the Rhineland with colored troops, which left behind about 600 Negro-bastards for us. The danger exists that their Negro blood might seep further into the German population and attach itself to countless lines of blood and heredity, the purity and character of which then would be forever clouded. The thought and feeling of these humans would be different, and would set up no resistance to the intrusion of foreign blood over the French border.

France today already has in Paris and in the southern provinces a considerable mix of bastards, and the decline in births has come to a halt only because of the higher number of births among racial aliens. France today has, after America, the greatest number of immigrants, of which Italians, Spaniards, and Negroes form a considerable part. Through this assimilation of immigrants the capacity for culture in particular regions has already sunk significantly. With the continuation of this development France in just a few decades will represent an outpost of Africa on European soil. For France itself this means racial suicide; most importantly the racial aliens in France are not tolerated guests that one would in the best case deport back to their homelands; rather they can even count on full equal rights among the French. Herein lie dangers also for us, since boundary-posts are never strong enough to prevent a racial infiltration.

The Question of the Jews

In Germany the November Revolution laid the intellectual groundwork for an unlimited, racially alien immigration consisting preponderantly of Jewish elements from the east.

It is the secret of the Jewish people, whereby it alone has accomplished its survival through all the tumults of history, that it constantly acknowledges the laws of blood for itself and has even anchored them in its religion of law. The religious Jews' consciousness of blood and the sense of family are the roots of the Jewish people and have proven themselves stronger than other forces of history, and thus we have the unique example of a people without space and without language that otherwise represents and contains the essential characteristics of a people, and outlasts many peoples, but without ever abandoning its racial character. Everywhere they are regarded as foreigners, and also sense this themselves. This was most clearly expressed by Walter Rathenau as early as 1897: "Strange apparition! In the midst of German life a segregated foreign tribe of men, splendidly and conspicuously attired and of hot-blooded behavior. On Marxist sand, an Asiatic horde." Einstein expressed himself similarly in the year 1931: "Whenever I hear the expression "German citizen of Jewish faith," I have to laugh. These citizens in the first place want to have nothing to do with my poor Jewish brothers from the east; in the second place, not to be sons of my [Jewish] people, but only members of the Jewish cultural community? Is that honest? Can a non-Jew respect persons that dissimulate so? I am no German citizen. I am a Jew and happy to belong to the Jewish people."

The demand for equal rights supplied the basis throughout the world  for establishing Jewish preeminence and rule among all peoples. With the dwindling of racial consciousness only the religious difference was still noticed, and to the feeling of that time it seemed unjust to give a special legal status to particular persons only because of their religion, which is indeed every man's personal affair. When the new purpose was called humanity and mankind, nothing stood in the way of mixing. Where objections were raised, it was silently hoped that assimilation also would denote the intention of Jewry. Jewry however only all too gladly made use of the opportunity for equal religious status: with that the path to all important offices and even to political leadership of the people stood open to him. Thus the certificate of baptism became "the admission-ticket to European culture" (H. Heine). This process of gaining racial acceptance was advancing at a greatly accelerated pace in the 14 years prior to the seizure of power by National-Socialism.

It has often been said that National-Socialism, in the question of race, is purely negative and destructively oriented, and that its essential content is gutter anti-Semitism. This accusation misses the essential point, and entirely fails to consider the result and the purpose of the work of racial education. In the Jewish Question, which was most palpable among us, an entire generation that had learned to see only the human in the human recognized the importance of the racial question, for its own people as well as for the rest of the world. The entire handling of the Jewish Problem in the years prior to the seizure of power should be viewed essentially in terms of the political education of the German people, whose racial instincts had been to a dangerous degree lost.

In this question, which showed its true face precisely in Germany, the eyes of many folk-comrades were opened, and, with the simultaneous call to all heroic and manly virtues of German humanity, there occurred the racial selection of political warrior-natures, which the leadership of the new state represents. The earlier status of the Jewish Question, as expressed in the absolute equalization of civil rights and in the unimpeded influx of Jews from the east, is the best demonstration of the extent to which the sense and consciousness of race had been lost. The emphasis in our position on this question is not on the negative, nor on mere rejection, but rather on the positive valuing of our own people. At the same time however it must also be taken into account that Jewry stood against Germany, principally through its role as leader of Marxist class-struggle and through its involvement in international finance, and supported all anti-nationalist efforts of a cultural as well as political kind.

So that the people may not fragment at its core, we strive for purity of the blood. We want a separation between people and people, between blood and blood. Out of these considerations the law about civil servants was created and German racial legislation came into being. We have been accused of blind hatred of Jews, but it was not hatred against the Jews, rather love for our own people, that motivated these measures.

* "Was nicht Rasse ist auf dieser Erde, ist Spreu," are the words that Frercks attributes to Hitler, but it is a slight misquote. The statement that appears as a one-sentence paragraph on page 324 in the 1936 edition of Mein Kampf is: "Was nicht gute Rasse ist auf dieser Welt, ist Spreu." -- "What is not good race in this world is chaff."

28 August 2014

The Racial Awakening of the German People, by Dr. Rudolf Frercks -- Part 8

"We do not stand alone." Other governments had adopted forced sterilization before Germany's Law for the Prevention of Congenitally Ill Progeny was passed in July 1933, the American state of Indiana having been the first in 1907.
The following, apart from added images, captions, and footnotes, represents a chapter from a booklet originally published, with the approval of the NSDAP, in 1935. Translation by Hadding Scott, 2014.

Why Prevent Congenitally Ill Progeny?

Who is Congenitally Ill?

Just as the healthy tendencies of humans are inherited, so too are unhealthy tendencies, which can produce mental illnesses, bodily deformities, or signs of devolution, passed on from generation to generation. We then have to deal with hereditary suffering that we cannot through any power in the world eliminate in the current bearers. The congenitally ill person is ill in his inmost composition, and this surfaces sooner or later in him or his descendants. Thus whether it be a matter of a bodily affliction, deaf-muteness, deformity, or of mental illness and feeble-mindedness, the individual cannot escape this destiny, and also those that come after him are afflicted with these sufferings, whether they want it or not. Here is fulfilled the word of the Bible about the sin that propagates itself into the third and fourth generation.[1]

Not congenitally ill by contrast are all those that have acquired their illness through any external cause, for example infection or also accident. These influences can gradually change the person in his appearance, but his inner hereditary tendencies remain in every case unaffected by it. The great army of those maimed in war is perhaps outwardly crippled but nobody will on that account inherit his disability, but on the contrary, his healthy hereditary tendencies; he is congenitally healthy.

Law of Selection

The mentally inferior reproduce faster.
For the competence and capability of the coming generations it is crucial in what number and in what proportion the congenitally ill and the congenitally healthy in a population reproduce. Through the climbing of birth-figures on one side, and through decline on the other side, the face of a people can be entirely changed in a few generations. Through the unlimited reproduction of congenitally incompetent elements their number in recent years has increased enormously, and has led to an unbearable burden for the community. This situation was furthermore promoted through the public accommodations that paid higher rates of support to the antisocial elements that were unable to support a family, than to those healthy families that had become jobless through no fault of their own.

One congenital invalid costs as much as a healthy family.
For congenitally healthy families on the other hand the founding of families was hindered more and more by anti-child tax-legislation, the prolonged period of apprenticeship, and the excessive mania for education. On top of this there is the ideological aversion toward children and toward the people's stream of heredity, an aversion that exists precisely in the higher social classes and was founded in materialism and in the crassest egoism of the individual wanting to acknowledge no community beyond himself. Much suffering and misfortune could have been avoided already in this area if in childhood the importance of these questions had been indicated and the conscience had been strengthened in this regard. An old Nordic proverb says: "Marry rather an ugly girl from good stock than a pretty girl from bad stock." The bygone age[2] believed that it could disregard all these things and treat hereditary differences as having no bearing on the individual. It was supposed to be the environment that determined differences and therefore was responsible for whether someone was good or bad, for whether the one became a criminal or the other became productive. It was the delusion of an entire epoch that believed that by efforts in public assistance, by the construction of palaces for congenital incompetents, it was raising the essential health of the people as a whole. We have today perceived that this was a futile labor of love, and that all these efforts have occurred at the expense of healthy and congenitally competent folk-comrades. "It was we who at this point, with excessive humanity and erring compassion, violated the great law, and artificially kept alive what by the laws of God would have been long ago dead and gone." (Dr. Walter Gross.)

It stands as a crude deception if now perhaps it is said that we wanted to treat all those elements inhumanely. Our principle here is that the poorest and neediest folk-comrade who through the strength of his hands makes a productive contribution to the people as a whole especially has the right to support himself and his family in comfort. A state that does everything for idiots and mental incompetents, but lets its healthy folk-comrades perish, has  given up and lost the moral justification for its existence. So that there may be no misunderstanding, let it be emphasized that a destruction of life which lacks the value of life (eine Vernichtung von lebensunwertem Leben), as was previously discussed in other circles[3], is not under consideration here, but it is being insinuated about us today by the opposing side to create bias against the populist racial policy.[4] In order to liberate the nation's stream of heredity  from unhealthy hereditary traits, there is only one sure method, namely to prevent any further propagation by means of a small operation.

Christianity and Sterilization

Ever since 1 January 1934 when Germany took action through the Law for the Prevention of Congenitally Ill Progeny to approach this goal, from many sides the question has been raised of whether the planned measures are reconcilable with Christian religious doctrine. Not a few have protested that Christianity is a religion precisely of all who endure suffering and need assistance. Point conceded! But nonetheless this can never, ever mean that we should wearily bring up all that is weak and congenitally ill, and bring it to the point of producing many offspring, and that suffering should increase ever more in this way, and finally become a danger to the healthy life of the people and of the race! "If we have defended ourselves against it, if, fully recognizing our duties as humans and our duty of compassion, we have indeed made the decision no longer to allow such an unfortunate suffering and such unfortunate misery to survive among us, perhaps doubling or tripling in the next generations, then with that we have done a great deed for which our children and grandchildren someday will thank us." (Dr. Walter Gross)

Nature is crueler than our civilized life; the congenitally incompetent and unready for life perish without pity. It does not correspond to the conception of our age to imitate such methods of nature and thus, without compassion, to destroy everything weak. Precisely from the moral and ethical orientation of our conscience we are filled with satisfaction over the fact that it is today possible to preserve the life of the individual, but to protect the chain of generations against ever recurring illness.

The National-Socialist state is founded upon the actualized community of the people.It builds its work upon the great voluntary deed of the suppression of all private interests for the well-being of the collectivity. Woman has taken up this idea of the selfless community; she is prompted by Nature to allay distress and to help. Thus she has always advocated every beneficence and neighborly love, without regard for whether it happened within the great work of Christian caritas or in the realm of the state's social services to the people.

The new state has redirected the idea of loving thy neighbor from the individual to the collectivity and the subsequent generations of the people, and wants to avoid much suffering and grief for families through a small, harmless operation. This deed of loving thy neighbor, which seems to assist the current generation only slightly, but helps the children and grandchildren all the more in turn and prevents a perpetuation of all the great misery, will for this reason encounter understanding everywhere. Those engaged in this work see their finest reward when a sick man comes and says, "Yes, I do not want my suffering  to continue in my children and children's children and spread even more suffering." With this decision, voluntarily to bring his unhealthy hereditary line to an end, he has made a sacrifice that the community of the people can recognize and appreciate utterly and entirely.  With that the sick man has proven that he wants, within the realm of possibility, to play an orderly part in the state, and in no way does he retain the stigma of an inferior person. The state gladly continues to afford him protection and assistance to ease his difficult destiny.
[1]. In Exodus 34:7 it says: "... yet He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations." (New American Standard Bible.) Essentially the same statement is repeated in Numbers 14:18.

[2]. With the Second World War that "bygone age," meaning the modern age of superficial Enlightenment-thinking that denied the biological nature of man, has been reestablished. This was a giant step backward in thinking, accomplished through force of arms.

[3]. In 1928 a 76-page booklet by Franz Louis Leopold Tascanus published by Akropolis-Verlag (Hannover), titled Die grosse Not der Deutschen: ihre Ursachen und Wege zu wirklichem Wiederaufstieg (The Great Distress of the Germans: its Sources and Ways to Real Recovery), ended with a section called, "Vom lebensunwerten Leben." It does not seem that Tascanus or Akropolis-Verlag had any connection to the NSDAP.

[4]. Someone might reproach Frercks' statements about the willingness of the National-Socialist state to support congenitally ill persons by bringing up Hitler's euthanasia-decree of 1939. That secret decree partially contradicts the position stated here by Frercks in 1935, but it occurred under changed circumstances, and it does not reflect a general change in the government's  position on congenitally ill persons. Hitler's euthanasia-decree was issued at the time of the outbreak of the war for the purpose of increasing the availability of hospital beds and medical personnel to deal with war-wounded. The euthanasia-decree was in no way a eugenic measure and was not comparable or related to eugenic sterilization. Eugenic sterilization in National-Socialist Germany was a much larger concern than euthanasia. Hundreds of thousands were sterilized in Germany beginning in 1934. By contrast, in the period 1939-1941 only about 71,000 were euthanized before the decree was withdrawn. Euthanasia was not a eugenic measure, because the individuals euthanized were -- at least in many cases -- in no position to reproduce anyway, and assuming that they had been, the goal of racial hygiene would have been served just as well, with less danger of causing dissension, by simply sterilizing them instead.

21 August 2014

The Racial Awakening of the German People, by Dr. Rudolf Frercks -- Part 7

 Illustration and caption from Scientific American, December 2003.

The text below is based on a booklet originally published with official approval of the NSDAP in 1935. Translation by Hadding Scott, 2014.

Consequences of the Decline in Births

Threat to the Nation

Already in the very near future that we ourselves shall live to see, if the process continues in the same way, after the initial decline in births a more obvious decline in the total population must necessarily follow, which then in a few decades will inevitably call forth the menace to the weal and woe and the existence of all. History tolerates no empty or weakly populated spaces, and the pressure of Slavdom's politics of population can become a menace to the existence of the German nation. This menace cannot be escaped even by one who believes that he is acting especially cleverly today when he says, My child should someday have it easier than I. This way of thinking is shortsighted and, if it is not prevented from continuing to influence how the future unfolds, will also ultimately threaten the individual in the security of his existence.

Economic Endangerment of the Individual

And even if the people or the individual remained unaffected by these political consequences, the economic consequences of the decline in births would still be felt by every individual. Who is supposed to feed him when he himself someday is old and alone and the strength of his hands no longer suffices to earn sustenance? The acquisition of means for the care of the elderly and invalids will be more difficult from year to year, accordingly as the healthy, work-capable, and tax-paying age-groups decline in number. If it is objected here that the decline in births is a consequence of unemployment, this represents a fatal fallacy. The youth of a people makes itself felt in the labor-market always only after the age of 16. Until then it represents in the economic life of a people a so-called class of non-producing consumers that brings work and bread to many hundreds of thousands of persons, given that all manufactured goods that belong to daily life must be produced for them.[1]

Heritage Imparts Duty

It was a materialistic age that made the child into a matter of arithmetic. For the National-Socialist state the congenitally healthy, child-rich family represents the foundation of a healthy people. Therefore it is necessary that every individual understand clearly that his personal destiny as an individual recedes in importance by comparison, that he, regarded in terms of the biology of the people, is only a bearer of the hereditary matter and hereditary substance that has come down to him from his ancestors of several thousand years ago. It is the heritage of the most obscure prehistory that is actuality in us, and all those ancestors about whom no account any longer reaches us, who only once in a while in ancient troves give us a clue about their ancient culture, have not completely vanished; rather a piece of them lives in each of us. This however links the individual to the most distant past and at the same time lets him be the beginning for an unknown future in which he can become a part. Thus the individual is not a detached something that accidentally lives among a number of persons, but is only a link in the chain of life, from which he cannot separate himself. It is the hereditary line of the generations before him that has come down to him and that demands the connection with another hereditary line, so that the chain of life is not broken and the stream of the blood in a people does not run dry, but flows onward into more distant ages.

[1]. Americans immersed in the simplistic economic ideology promulgated in the USA since the late 1970s may find it paradoxical that a class of non-producing consumers "brings work and bread to many hundreds of thousands of persons." Of course from a strictly individual perspective, "non-producing consumers" would appear to be simply a drain on wealth, but the verdict from the perspective of society as a whole is different. In an industrial society, because of the way machines multiply the productivity of labor, excess productivity develops, and an ever-diminishing demand for labor results from that. For ordinary people this means a scarcity of well-paid full-time jobs, and this in turn means for the industrialist that not many people have disposable income to buy the goods that he produces. When, however, there are many children in a society, forming a class of non-producing consumers, the added demand for goods and services means less unemployment, and the increased distribution of disposable income then further increases the demand for goods and services. This economic role of a large population of children, and the negative economic effect of having few children, is a point of central importance in Lawrence Dennis' books The Coming American Fascism (1936) and The Dynamics of War and Revolution (1940). There is a way to reduce the bad economic impact of a deficiency of children -- if further increase of population is inadvisable -- but it involves large-scale economic intervention by the government, eliminating the mismatch between the supply of labor and the demand for labor. Thus Lawrence Dennis predicted "fascism" for the United States as the eventual solution to the crisis caused by the cessation of large families at the end of the 19th century. (Although different in some other respects, in terms of economic policy, fascism and national-socialism are effectively the same.) In National-Socialist Germany, direct creation of jobs by the government was practiced along with encouragement of child-bearing, and in fact the two measures are synergistic, if it happens to be true that an economically secure couple is more likely to produce children.

19 August 2014

The Racial Awakening of the German People, by Dr. Rudolf Frercks -- Part 6

Translation by Hadding Scott, 2014, based on the 1942 reprinting of a text originally published with official approval of the NSDAP in 1935.

Is Germany Still a Growing People?[1]

As soon as there is reference anywhere to the dangerousness of the situation in our population-policy, to the increasing senescence of our German people and to the low number of births, usually two counter-arguments are persuasively stated that are supposed to show our entire population-policy as the delusional endeavor of some fools. These are, first, the fact that the German people is still increasing numerically, and, second, unemployment. It is a rock-solid certainty -- so it is said -- that our people has increased enormously since the previous century, and even endured the severe jolt of the World-War in a manner worthy of admiration, so that even the span from 1925 until the last census in 1933 produced growth. And then -- and with this it is believed that we have been utterly beaten -- one must consider the economic distress in our country, the great adversity and the misfortune of unemployment that indeed oppose every call for families rich with children.

Such assertions, that our people has continued growing in the last decades and that today the bad economic situation has an oppressive effect on many folk-comrades, are indisputable, if they are considered as isolated facts. But they do not suffice for seeing where our people's life as a whole stands.

The German People is Burdened with the Mortgage of Death[2]

The life of the nation is diverse; old and young generations have a share in its structure, and in every moment death and birth intervene in this multitude of manifestations, changing the total picture. If we want to judge the vigor and the biological strength of a people, it does not suffice only to declare the total number; rather we must observe the increase or decrease of a people's fecundity. Here, at the junction of the generations, the life of a nation is decided, whether it wants to continue growing and to arrange a future for itself, or whether it wants to effect weary resignation toward everything that preserves hope for an unknown future.

With such an assessment however one must affirm that the biological will to live of our German people is seriously dwindling, and that since the turn of the 20th century the number of births has declined so steeply that already today it no longer suffices even for maintaining the population. If the absolute number of the people has not declined but has continued rising for the time being, the reason is that due to medical advances, especially in the question of combating epidemics and in combating infant mortality, the number of deaths has declined very sharply, and we have accordingly many more older persons in  our population-structure. This section of the population between the ages of 40 and 50 is significantly augmented furthermore by the fact that it issues from the fertile vintages of the decades before 1900.  It is clear however that as soon as these generations enter the age of natural mortality, the number of deaths must rise in turn. This will be the case in roughly 10 to 20 years. We must soberly affirm, therefore, that Germany likewise is on the fastest path to becoming a dying people and to implementing the grisly utterance about the 20 million too many[3].

Economic Factors and Declining Birthrate

Many have now said that this decline in the number of births, perhaps to be expected over a very short period, is a necessary consequence of the bad economic conditions, and that the human consciousness of responsibility has regulated procreation, and must continue regulating. This view is wrong for two reasons: first, because the decline in the birthrate started already after 1876, and in a stronger form after 1900, thus in a time of highest economic prosperity; second, because it affected exactly the classes of the people that were experiencing no economic distress and that would have had enough space and air for a large number of healthy children. It was the circles of the intelligentsia, of the higher civil servants, officers and professors: one to two children per family was the average. Only much later did impoverishment of children, or rather childlessness, become "fashionable" in the middle class and even later among manual laborers, but among the latter only in the post-war period, when economic factors doubtlessly played a part. These last one to two decades however are meaningless compared to the fact that an essentially healthy nation has for two generations accepted the lessening of the number of its children and lost the will to live.

It could be said that nature acted frivolously when she left it up to the free will of the individual to decide whether or not the stream of life should come to a standstill. The idea seems frightening in its implications, that already countless competent and healthy families since a lifetime ago have set about cruelly and cynically  throttling, never again awakening to new and young life,
all that generation upon generation has assembled in the way of genetic legacy. Bitter it is, if distress alone determined people for such a choice.  But this is in fact mostly not the case; instead people want to live it up and want in their short life to have a share of the so-called enjoyment of life and to bypass all of life's hardships. They do not know that their miniscule something, compared to infinitely large life, is a nullity, which moreover falls into utter insignificance and eternal death if the choice is made that it be the end of a long series of generations. If it has happened, however, that the essentially healthy and highly valuable hereditary lineages do voluntarily forgo procreation, then a people's will to self-preservation is seriously dwindling, and in the biological sense one can no longer properly speak of life, if the will for posterity, which is one of the essential properties of life, is lacking.
[1]. The title of this chapter, "Is Germany Still a Growing People?", is incongruous insofar as Germany (Deutschland) is a country (Land), not a people (Volk). This incongruity may have been necessitated by the political circumstances of 1935 when this book was initially published. At that time, National-Socialist Germany was still weak and had to avoid provoking neighboring states that had significant ethnic German populations, especially Poland. It seems likely therefore that this awkward title, with "Germany" substituted for the Germans, was chosen on political grounds to limit the discussion formally to the part of Germandom that was at that time governed from Berlin.

[2]. Die Hypothek des Todes, "the mortgage of death," is an idiomatic expression. In the 19th century, a person with tuberculosis was said to be living with die Hypothek des Todes, which obviously means something like the English expression living on borrowed time. In the 20th century die Hypothek des Todes seems to have become strongly associated with the kind of looming demographic crisis that Frercks describes here.

[3]. "Il y a 20 millions d'Allemands de trop," said French Prime Minister Georges Benjamin Clemenceau in response to the proposal to include Germans and Austrians in the post-war food-relief program that lasted from 1 December 1918 to 30 June 1919: 

When Clemenceau was told that there were 20 million German and Austrian women and children on the verge of starvation, he said: "Let them starve! There are 20 million too many of them now!" But [Herbert] Hoover insisted on feeding them, declaring, "We never have made war on women and children, and it is too late to begin now." [The Southeast Missourian, 14 September 1928]