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15 October 2013

Straight Talk from Erich Priebke

National-Socialism "is my way of looking at the world. It's my ideals, it is what for us, Germans, was the Weltanschauung, which has to do with honor and self-respect also today." - Erich Priebke

In 1994 ABC News' Sam Donaldson tracked down Erich Priebke in Argentina, where he was a schoolteacher (obviously posing no danger to anybody) to ask him some accusatory questions about events of 50 years earlier. Priebke even at age 81 was unruffled.

In this incident, 335 Italians were shot in reprisal for the murder of 33 German soldiers by guerrillas. Priebke was involved in 80 of these executions. 

Reprisals for guerrilla-activity in war are hardly unique to Germany, and 10-to-1 (as alleged in Priebke's case) is not even a high ratio for such reprisals. (Cf. the 1000-to-1 ratio that the Bolsheviks applied to the Russian "bourgeoisie" whenever a Bolshevik was killed.) The US military these days tends to disguise its reprisals against civilians in the form of bombardment, e.g. the bombardment of Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. 

In fact the whole US policy of sanctions on Iraq during the 1990s represents reprisal against civilians on a colossal scale, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Perhaps this was what Priebke meant when he said, "Many civilians died ... and still they are dying" (in 1994). 

Sam Donaldson makes much of the allegation that some 14-year-old boys may have been shot in reprisals for guerrilla-activity in 1944, but it was only two years later (1996) that US Secretary of State Madeleine Allbright gave the notorious interview in which she said, "We think the price is worth it," in regard to the deaths of half a million Iraqi children that resulted from economic sanctions intended to force "régime-change" in that country.

The infamous helicopter gun-video leaked by Bradley Manning shows what seems to be more or less random killing of civilians on a street by US forces in Iraq, based on the premise that one or two of those present seemed to have weapons. How does reprisal for killings by guerrillas compare to that?

When the country that suppresses guerrilla-activity through reprisals loses a war, actions of this kind become "massacres" in the parlance of the victors, and since 1945 those who carry out such actions become "war-criminals" -- if their side loses the war

Because of the attention that ABC News focused on Priebke he was extradited to stand trial in Italy, where he was kept under house-arrest until he passed away recently at the age of 100. 

But Priebke never backed down. In a written interview released after his death, Priebke defends National-Socialism, and he explicitly rejects the "Holocaust" as victors' propaganda:

"To lock up people that were a threat to national security was a normal thing during the war. Russians and Americans did the same. [...]

"The activity carried out by a gas chamber is invasive towards the environment and terribly dangerous, deadly, also on the outside. To kill millions of people this way, in the same place where others work and live, without them to notice anything is absurd."

And that is the thing that has Jewish-dominated media howling the most about Priebke, the fact that he expressed disbelief in their Holohoax.

12 October 2013

"Cruz" rhymes with "Jews"

Christian broadcaster Texe Marrs has some interesting observations about the new senator from Texas, Rafael "Ted" Cruz, who has managed to make himself the center of attention in the Republican Party the past couple of weeks.

Rafael "Ted" Cruz with Israeli P.M. Bibi Netanyahu

Marrs calls Cruz a "fake conservative." That seems well justified, since Cruz is on the wrong side of the most fundamental issue for preventing further decline of the United States, immigration. Cruz's father supported Fidel Castro, and the apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree. Many Neoconservatives (fake conservatives) are ex-Marxists.

Marrs also calls Cruz "an Israeli lackey." Cruz went to Israel twice in the first month after being elected to the Senate. This is perfectly consistent with being a fake conservative. The very definition of a Neoconservative is a Zionist who pretends to be conservative in order to get Republican votes. 

Cruz's wife works for Goldman-Sachs, also consistent with Zionism, which for some reason has been historically tied to Jewish banking.

Marrs concludes:

Cruz is also for more military spending and for more war and conflict in the Middle East. But, he claims he is a “conservative.”
I know what Senator Ted Cruz is—don’t you?

Rafael "Ted" Cruz shows every indication of being a "Neoconservative." Here is a fact, however, which many Americans will not know, that enables one to give a more specific answer to the question of what Rafael "Ted" Cruz is: after the Spanish Inquisition, Marrano Jews, in order to pass more easily for genuine Christians, often adopted surnames with a very strong Christian connotation. Cruz, meaning Cross, is such a name. In the Spanish-speaking world, surnames with a strong Christian connotation more often than not belong to Sephardic Jews.

Despite all the warning-signs, through grandstanding with a 24-hour filibuster and other theatrics Ted Cruz has in a short time given himself the appearance of being a major spokesman for what passes as conservatism in the United States today. It is a general weakness of crowds lacking organization or leadership that any interloper with a loud mouth who makes some of the right noises can draw attention to himself and pose as a leader, and that is what "Ted" Cruz has been doing.

Cruz represents exactly the kind of plutocratic, warmongering Jewish agenda that has made the Republicans into a losing party. Cruz represents opposition to the populist orientation that must guide the Republicans if they are to become a winning party again.

If you want to help conservatives get a clue, call in to talkshows, post on blogs, point out to them any way you can the faults of Ted Cruz and similar frauds (like Marco Rubio).