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25 February 2013

Adolf Hitler, Anti-Feminist

In a speech from 1936 the Great Man says that women should participate in neither warfare nor politics. A woman who does a good job raising several children accomplishes much more for the future of the nation than any female attorney, no matter how distinguished. (This becomes self-evident when the standard of merit is what is good for the nation rather than individual status-seeking.)

Furthermore, he says, it is a disgrace to the men of any nation to have their women involved in combat, as Communists in the Soviet Union and in Spain had recently innovated.


Anonymous said...

Then how come he allowed Reitsch to test aircraft, a very dangerous employ for a tiny woman like her, and buckled when Winifred Wagner's daughter told him she was going to be a doctor?

And why did he start putting masses and masses of women in industry if he was so opposed to this? And why allow young, gorgeous Slavic women to be workhorses for the Reich if he was so "traditional" about women's roles? (Himmler did the same, mind you.) If he did it out of sheer necessity, then how was he not a two-face just like any other leader at that time?

Hitler wanted women to be mothers, yes, but he was not as hard on this as one might think. And Himmler was a 'women's rights' advocate. Ask Wilf Heink about this. He sent me the info on it.

Hadding said...

Am I expected to demonstrate that Adolf Hitler never made exceptions or compromised on any principle? Really, your attitude is unreasonable.

Hitler resisted bringing German women into the workforce until 1942.