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20 December 2013

Mossad Trained Terrorist Mandela

Terrorists Winnie and Nelson Mandela, and South African Communist Party leader Joe Slovo, give the Communist clenched-fist salute. While it has always been well known that Jews like Slovo were involved in subverting White rule, now it has been revealed that the State of Israel itself supplied terrorist training.

From Ha'aretz:

[In 1962] Nelson Mandela, under an alias, learnt weapons and sabotage techniques from embassy staff who were likely Mossad agents, whilst being gently prompted to become a supporter of the Jewish state. 

This episode is remarkable for a number of reasons. First of all, Mandela was in no way a lone participant in a covert Israeli training program: Israel had established ties with various movements considered subversive by the South African government. [...]

The golden era of cooperation between Israel and African liberation movements continued through the 1960s. [David Fachler, "Mandela and the Mossad: How Israel Courted Black Africa," Ha'aretz, 20 December 2013]

Let it be understood that Jews, even the Zionist Jews worshiped by Premillennialist Christians in the United States, do not see themselves as having any inherent common interest with White people.

19 December 2013

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: Blacks were happy before "Civil Rights"

A&E cable network has suspended Phil Robertson, the main figure in the popular Duck Dynasty reality-TV series, supposedly -- if you believe Fox News and CNN and most of the major news-media -- because of comments that he made about homosexuality. 

I doubt that this was the real reason why A&E decided to stop presenting Robertson. It happens to be still respectable to disapprove of homosexuality. For example, a very large part of the Republican Party's core constituency holds that view. It seems likely that the number of those who disapprove of homosexuality is greater than the number that categorically oppose abortion, a position that is not treated as beyond the pale of civil discourse. Robertson's view of homosexuality as unnatural and repulsive is more or less mainstream.

Much more interesting was Robertson's statement to the effect that the "Civil Rights" movement (organized by Jews) was unnecessary and has done more harm than good, even for Blacks who were supposed to be its main beneficiaries:

“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field.... They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!... Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.” [GQ, January 2014]

A public statement like that would not have been unusual as recently as the 1970s. But in 2013 America nobody makes this kind of observation publicly anymore. It is a much more radical and unusual public statement than mere disapproval of homosexuality, which is commonplace.

A letter to A&E from the Human Rights Campaign and the NAACP, dated 18 December 2013, complains about Robertson's "racist, homophobic, and ill-informed remarks." Note that "racist" is first in the list. 

The letter also uses the word "revisionist." When a firsthand witness to historical reality says that it wasn't the way mass-propaganda portrays, he is "revisionist."

Although Republican pundits will frequently say that social programs are not the best way to help Blacks, they always treat the "Civil Rights" movement per se as sacrosanct. Rush Limbaugh always speaks of "Dr. King" in a tone of emphatic reverence otherwise reserved only for Jesus Christ or God. What Phil Robertson has said is very different from the usual conservative blather, and that is because he spoke without their customary moistened finger in the breeze.

Apparently, in order not to call attention to Robertson's radical critique of "Civil Rights," in order to avoid publicizing the fact that somebody successful and prominent still believes that the country took a wrong turn decades ago -- which, by example, would embolden others to express similar views -- it has been decided to pretend that a disreputable fringe-group, GLAAD, wielded more influence in the matter than the NAACP, and that the real issue was not Robertson's dissident view of "Civil Rights" but his mere disapproval of homosexuality. Thus, the revival of a seemingly dead issue is avoided.

There was a similar dissimulation of motives when Glenn Beck was removed from Fox News and Pat Buchanan from MSNBC. You can read what I wrote about that here.

 *  *  *

After a widespread negative reaction to what appeared to be A&E's hostility toward traditional morality, and after the entire Robertson family made it clear that without Phil they would not continue on the highly profitable Duck Dynasty show -- the most popular reality-show ever --  A&E reversed its decision. 

02 December 2013

Britain intended War before Hitler invaded Poland

Adolf Hitler sent the armed forces of Great Germany into Poland on 1 September 1939. Thereupon Britain and France declared war on Germany. Simplistic history says that it was Hitler's fault that Britain and France declared war on Germany, since it was he who made the decision to violate Polish territory.

The people who say this show little knowledge of the circumstances that impelled Hitler to make this decision.

The fact is that Britain was trying to start a war with Germany. From the German perspective, Britain was engaged in saber-rattling against Germany throughout 1939, with a belligerent Poland, encouraged by Britain, posing the threat of a two-front war. The invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939 was a response to a menace deliberately created by Britain. The fact that Hitler had not wanted war with Britain and France is evident in his peace-offer following the conquest of Poland, which included the proposal to restore a reduced Polish state. Britain and France undertook that war expecting that Germany could easily be contained on land and starved with a naval blockade. Because they did not expect to have to wage a real war, the decision was made lightly. There was even talk of how the war would help with unemployment in Britain.

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain said to U.S. ambassador Joseph Kennedy that the reason why he had made war against Germany was that "America and the World Jews" had pressured him. Kennedy later told this to Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, who recorded it in his diary; "neither the French nor the British would have made Poland a cause of war if it had not been for the constant needling from Washington," is how Forrestal summarized Kennedy's recollection (The Forrestal Diaries, entry of 27 December 1945).

Here is a piece of documentation that Britain (under American and Jewish pressure) had chosen war against Germany. This British declaration of war was composed one week before the invasion of Poland.

Already on this first page of King George's draft for a declaration of war we see the two main points of Anglo-American war-propaganda: (1) you cannot negotiate with Hitler (because he is an uncivilized moral nihilist who won't keep his word); (2) you cannot ignore Hitler (because he wants to conquer the entire world). It is the general practice of governments that depend heavily on popular support to try to represent any decision to go to war as forced by the other side, and these two points constitute an effective argument to that end, if the public is simple-minded enough to believe it.

The same form of propaganda with slight adaptations has been used to motivate Americans to support Middle-East wars.  Dealing peacefully with Saddam Hussein was also pointless, we were told; he was "so-damned insane," and bent on, perhaps not conquering the entire world (which was far from credible), but it was suggested to us that we could not ignore Saddam Hussein for other reasons: that he was poised to overrun Saudi Arabia in 1990 (which was a hoax arranged by the CIA), or, a decade later, that he might attack the United States with a nuclear weapon.

23 November 2013

Basic Facts about the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Oswald, in custody, gives the Communist clenched-fist salute.

Oliver Stone is a half-Jew film-director who showed very clearly with his Untold History of the United States, which he wrote and narrated for HBO in 2012, that he is very partial to the Soviet Union and Marxists in general. There is an obvious emphasis in his history on what he understands to be the positive role of the far left and the Soviet Union, with some negative observations about the capitalist West to help the Communists to look even better. The point is not to say that Stone's work is thoroughly false, but that he has an agenda and a bias. That is clear.

In his 1991 historical drama JFK* (which I found tedious, contrary to the enormous praise heaped upon it) Stone pursued the same agenda. For the far left, the JFK assassination is a problem, because Lee Harvey Oswald was a self-proclaimed Marxist.  Stone's effort was essentially to restore credence to the old Soviet propaganda-line that Kennedy had been assassinated by right-wing racists. In the time between the assassination and the capture of Oswald, this was the accepted interpretation, that racists had killed Kennedy. That's what the world would have continued to believe if self-proclaimed Marxist Oswald had not been discovered as the assassin.

Since Stone's JFK, there has been a revived effort to sweep Oswald's far-left affiliation under the rug, but contemporary news-reports show it as an undeniable fact. Oswald was a self-proclaimed Marxist who subscribed to the Communist Party's newspaper, the Worker. That President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a Marxist used to be, and should still be, a matter of common knowledge.

General Edwin Walker
On 10 April 1963, months before the Kennedy assassination, Oswald had tried to murder General Edwin Walker. General Walker was a prominent opponent of forced racial integration who lived in Dallas. Oswald had shot at Walker through a window of his home. Ballistics showed that a bullet from this incident was consistent with the characteristics of the Carcano rifle later used to shoot Kennedy. Oswald's culpability was confirmed by evidence given after Oswald's death by his widow, including Oswald's handwritten note to his wife from the night of the attempted murder. Oswald's motive, as he later explained to his wife, had been that Walker was a "fascist" and leader of a "fascist organization." This was a Communist way of saying that General Walker opposed forced racial integration.

Subsequently, one can see Oswald's motive in killing Kennedy as a kind of false-flag operation, because it was well known that there was much anger at Kennedy in the South over his anti-White policies, and it was predictable that Southern right-wing racists would be blamed if President Kennedy were assassinated in Dallas. This was obviously an intended effect -- and the deception would have been successful if Oswald had not subsequently killed policeman J.D. Tippit, thereafter becoming a suspect in the presidential assassination as well.

Where the conspiracy-theorists may be right is in doubting the Warren Commission's assertion that Lee Harvey Oswald had no co-conspirators and in suspecting the motives behind it, Earl Warren having been a notoriously leftist Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. When Jewish nightclub-owner Jack Ruby shot Oswald, the obvious inference was that Oswald had been shot to keep him from revealing secrets. This was General Walker's observation at the time (UPI 20 December 1963). There were several witnesses (including Janet "Jada" Conforto and Beverly Oliver) to the fact that Ruby and Oswald knew each other. The intervention of Jack Ruby in silencing Lee Harvey Oswald is the most obvious indication that there was a conspiracy, but probably not one about which the kinds of people who enjoyed Oliver Stone's JFK would really want to know.
* JFK was released by Regency Films, a production-company newly created by Arnon Milchan, now admitted to have been an Israeli agent (Harriet Sherwood, "Arnon Milchan reveals past as Israeli spy," The Guardian, 26 November 2013)

13 November 2013

19% Negro? No way.

Trisha producer Alyson DiFranco

Recently White racial activist Craig Cobb appeared on NBC's Trisha show, where another guest, neurotic mulatto Herman Williams III (brother of Montel Williams) asserted that everybody in the entire world had Negro ancestors and therefore carried Negro DNA. This is an absurd claim. But the absurd claim was subsequently supported by the even more absurd claim that Trisha's producer, the pink-skinned and fine-featured Alyson DiFranco, had been shown by a genetic test to have 19% "Subsaharan" DNA. Everybody of course understood "Subsaharan" to mean Negro. That is how it was meant to be understood. "Subsaharan" had to be taken to mean Negro, because otherwise Herman Williams' claim would not have been validated.

Based on her general appearance, it is practically impossible that Miss DiFranco has anywhere near 19% Negro genes. Any old-fashioned White person from the South would have laughed at this claim, because we know (as Madison Grant observed a century ago in The Passing of the Great Race) that a person that is half-Black and half-White looks completely Black, and it is only after many generations of dilution that Negroid characteristics cease to be detectable. At 19% Negro Miss DiFranco would be an obvious mulatta. Since she is far from that, an appropriate response to that imputation would have been something along the lines of: I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night.

A typical one-eighth (12.5%) Negro, with broad, flat nose, kinky hair, etc. This person could not have passed for White.*
For some reason though -- maybe he was still thinking about the cleavage that Miss DiFranco had displayed while interviewing him in Leith -- Craig Cobb evidently did not suspect anything rotten, and, when the host asked him to submit to a DNA test like that taken by Miss DiFranco, Mr. Cobb agreed to it. Predictably, they announced that Craig Cobb had some "Subsaharan" genes too -- although only 14% in his case.

What's going on here? Are they making it up?

Most likely the claim of "Subsaharan DNA" is a half-truth, calculated to give the unwary public a false impression. The word "Subsaharan," is not a racial term. It is a geographic term.

Since prehistoric times there have been people of White ancestry in Africa. These are the Berbers and their mixed-race descendants, who are found especially in Somalia (which is geographically Subsaharan) and Morocco, but also to some extent throughout eastern and northern Africa. Most Berbers today are mongrelized, but some only to a slight degree. Especially those Berbers living within the seclusion of  mountain-ranges often retain even today the blue eyes and blond hair of their ancestors, who migrated from Europe into Africa during the Ice Age.

A Moroccan Berber family.
The fact that most people do not know the extent and antiquity of White heritage in Africa has been exploited for propaganda-purposes before.  In 2010 Belgian journalist Jean-Paul Mulders insinuated that Adolf Hitler had some Negro ancestry based on the fact that he carried a Y-chromosome that is also carried by some people in Africa. So as not to defeat his own propaganda, Mulders omitted to mention that the same Y-chromosome has a substantial presence in Europe, especially in the Balkans. The deception consisted in pretending that White DNA found in both Europe and Africa was really Negro DNA that somehow made its way into Europe (magically, without bringing any observable Negroid characteristics with it).

My guess is that this is the kind of game that the Trisha show is playing. 
* It seems necessary to show such an illustration of a typical one-eighth Negro for clarification, because many Americans today seem not to realize how dilute is the Negro ancestry of the "African Americans" that they regularly see on television. When an octoroon on television is called "African American" and then through further mixing produces a child that can pass for White (to the unobservant) and is erroneously called "half-Black," the public gets a falsely optimistic picture of how easy it might be for Negroid characteristics to be bred out.

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08 November 2013

How the Jews Invented McCarthyism

Senator McCarthy heeds the instrument of his downfall.

There are mainstream accounts of the political career of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy that make no bones about the fact that the overwhelming majority of federal employees that he exposed as posing a security-risk were Jews. McCarthy had hardly gained notice as an anti-Communist before he was being called anti-Semitic and compared to Hitler, for example by a syndicated columnist who described McCarthyism thus:

This plot was anti-Semitic in origin and intention, following the crooked logic of the fascist-minded, who say that all Communists are Jews and, therefore, all Jews are Communists. [Marquis Childs, 27 December 1950]

Obviously it was widely understood that a very large portion (of course not "all") of Communists and pro-Communists were Jews; otherwise the complaint that McCarthyism was intrinsically anti-Semitic would make no sense. For some reason, however, it has been the practice of lame conservatives, when writing about McCarthy, to avoid mentioning that fact, as if it were not long-established common knowledge.

Whom do these lame conservatives think they are fooling by not saying that most of the security-risks that McCarthy discovered were Jews? Certainly they are not fooling Jews, who already know it. This kind of tippy-toeing around key facts only allows the non-Jewish majority to remain in amnesia and confusion about what happened.

As a matter of fact, the overwhelming Jewishness of Communism in the United States is the central fact in Senator McCarthy's rise and fall, and the key to understanding what happened to him.

George Lincoln Rockwell's This Time the World recounts DeWest Hooker's explanation of how Jews set up and then brought down the anti-Communist crusade of  Senator Joseph McCarthy. Here is a spoken summary of it, emphasizing the moral of the story, from a talk that Rockwell gave in 1965:

And here is the excerpt from Rockwell's book, with more detail (and a correction from me):

My first meeting with Hooker was on a Thanksgiving Day, when he was due at a family dinner, but we got so totally absorbed in our discussion that he kept his wife waiting hours, until she was very angry at him. As we talked, he told me one amazing thing after the other.

Wes explained the Jews to me more clearly than I had ever figured out before. He described, with dramatic gestures, how they operate like a snake with different skins, which they crawl out of or into as the strategic need may arise.

When Jewish Communism begins to get too "hot," as it has here in the U.S., because of the millions who saw the parade of Jew Communist spies, they slide out of that skin and become Zionists. And when this also gets too hot, then they molt and become "anti-communists" or something else. In the excitement, nobody ever seems to notice that it is always the same snake.

Even more enlightening, he gave me a sparkling clear picture of the mess I had come to know on my own as the "movement" -- the cowards, the loud-mouths, the hobbyists, the ADL agents, the "prostitutes" who make money out of it -- the whole depressing lot of them.  

This energetic young genius then told me the astonishing and accurate inside story of Joe McCarthy, completely winning me with his way of fathoming and presenting the vital information about enemy operations which had so far baffled me. Every step of the way, he showed me documents, newspaper clippings and photostats to back up the story about how Joe McCarthy got started, rose, and was finally ruined.

He told me that Bernard Baruch had started it all, when too many Jew spies were becoming prominent. Baruch called Joe up to his New York apartment -- here, Hooker showed me a clipping from The New York Times -- and told him that there was need of an anti-communist crusade, but that there was an unfortunate idea getting around that Communism was Jewish, because of so many Jew spies. Would Joe conduct a good, exciting Red hunt, being a little "fairer" by digging up some non-Jewish spies? If Joe would do this, Bernie would see that there was good publicity and advancement in it for Joe. McCarthy could smell the aroma of this deal, but, like many a shabbez goy before him, he imagined he could out-fox the Jew. When the time came, he would use the publicity and backing to drag out ALL the Communists, Jew and Gentile alike.

So Joe agreed to conduct the great hunt and began in Wheeling, West Virginia. He promised to identify the "master Red agent" in America, and made a lot of charges about Communism in the State Department.
George Sokolsky
Then he was approached by his "good Jew" friend, George Sokolsky, the columnist, who warned him of the danger of being accused of being an "anti-Semite," because of the "fortuitous" presence of so many Jews in the Communist apparatus. "Why not guard against this by taking a 'good' Jew on as head of your staff?" wheedled George. "Then they couldn't say you were anti-Semitic!"
Joe thought this advice was pretty good and George just "happened" to have in mind the right Jew -- Roy Cohn. The matter was soon arranged and Cohn the Jew became the organizer of "McCarthyism."*
Then Cohn approached fighting Joe and suggested that, since they needed contributions and more help, and wanted to be doubly sure they would not be accused of "anti-Semitism," it might be wise to hire a wonderful, rich young Jew friend of his, Dave Schine, for the staff. Again, McCarthy went along with this brilliant stroke.

When all was in readiness, McCarthy duly brought out his "big red fish," as promised, which turned out to be a college professor named Owen Lattimore -- a Gentile! Nobody had heard much of him, before or since, but in the middle of the trials of more than twenty Jewish Soviet spies, Lattimore was dragged back and forth in the press as the real red herring, a Gentile herring, with suitable screaming back and forth by both "sides." Bernie had done a fine job.

McCarthy, through all of this, figured he was smarter than his manipulators and, when a Republican got into power, he would then go after ALL the reds, Jew and Gentile, and let the chips fall where they might. However, for the moment, he rested on his laurels as the man the Jew papers and the Communist Daily Worker were screaming about, the man who had been set up by a Jew, advised by a Jew, and staffed by two Jews.

The loyal and hard-working staff now set about displaying "McCarthyism" to the world. Cohn and Schine, the two Jews, made a whirlwind tour of Europe, visiting libraries of the U.S. Information Service which are, as a matter of fact, loaded with red and pink propaganda. But they did not do a responsible job exposing and stopping this rotten use of U.S. taxpayers' money to spread Marxism. Instead, they threw tantrums for the press, threw books on the floor and acted like two idiots. Nobody noticed that they were two Jews, but everybody came to equate "McCarthyism" with insanity, thanks to the wide press coverage these two received! 

The presidential election was now in full swing and McCarthy went to bat for Ike, dreaming sneakily of the day he would not have Truman to stop him -- the day he could really dig out Communists, no matter how many of them were Jews! Sure enough, Ike was elected and McCarthy pulled the plug, floored the accelerator, touched off the boosters and let go with all he had.

He went to Fort Monmouth, to our most secret radar laboratories and discovered 41 people with atrocious security records and red backgrounds. Of these 41, 39 were Jews! Then he found a Jew dentist named Irving Peress, who had been caught red-handed committing perjury in denying his red record. McCarthy asked the Defense Department to look into it and report the circumstances. Instead of doing this, the Anna Rosenberg-dominated Army promoted Peress and mustered him out, beyond reach of court-martial -- in one day!

McCarthy, righteously lusting for blood, went after Irving and demanded to know who promoted this Communist. He would have eventually found his way to Anna, the writer of articles for The New Masses and a member of a Communist John Reed Club. Perhaps the trail would have led him up to Secretary Marshall, who boasted that he personally disarmed the Nationalist Chinese with a stroke of his pen, thus turning China over to Communism.

So McCarthy's two Jew "assistants," Cohn and Schine, went into action again. Schine was drafted into the Army and Cohn, in McCarthy's name, called and tried to obtain favors for him by influence. This corrupt action was a perfect red herring to take the heat off those who promoted a Communist Jew dentist, guilty of perjury, and who mustered him out before he could be court-martialed.

Once more, the two Jews who had created "McCarthyism" and given it a bad reputation -- not Joe McCarthy -- were the source of dirty dealing which caused the downfall of a truly brave and great-hearted man.

When Hooker had finished this utterly devastating and unanswerable display of the manipulative genius of the Jews, and his own genius at figuring it out, I was staggered by the enormity of it all![Rockwell, This Time the World, ch. XI]

* Rockwell gives an oversimplified chronology here. It was only after the election of 1952, when the Republicans won a majority in the Senate and McCarthy became chairman of the Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, that Roy Cohn and G. David Schine were added to McCarthy's staff. Thus, although Cohn played the key role in McCarthy's downfall, it is inaccurate to suggest that Cohn was from the beginning the organizer of McCarthyism. McCarthyism was launched with a speech on 9 February 1950, and for some time McCarthy enjoyed considerable popular support. The role of Cohn and Schine was to draw McCarthy into embarrassing conflicts after 1952. 

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01 November 2013

Desensitization Therapy for the Public

Paul Dutton of Cambridge, England says that he has been shopping twice a week for three years at Asda -- wearing an SS dress-uniform.

Finally somebody complained about it, with the result that Mr. Dutton was escorted out of the store,  but for three years shoppers were habituated to the fact that a man wearing a swastika was mild-mannered and harmless. 

In his reaction to being given the bum's rush, Mr. Dutton remained mild-mannered: "I've shopped in Asda since the place was opened twice a week, this is how Asda repay me for my loyalty." 

Now, it may be that Mr. Dutton is a bit peculiar, but this action considered just in itself, is effective desensitization, tending to erode the effect of decades of conditioning. If you can arrange for people to see some forbidden symbol or hear some taboo utterance on a regular basis, it is good to do so, using discretion about how far you can go without incurring a severe reaction. 

How much you can do safely will depend on factors like the depth of respect for freedom of speech where you happen to be, whether there happens to be a degree of local sympathy for your speech, and whether you are perceived as dangerous apart from your actual speech: a man who is perceived as dangerous will have less freedom because of it. For maximum freedom of expression, you must appear harmless.

Paul Dutton has shown that for people who do maintain a mild demeanor, there is considerable leeway for expression in the UK that nobody uses.

If a swastika is too much for you where you live, maybe you could display a Confederate battle flag (which has tacit popular support in much of the USA), just to show that somebody is not intimidated, and to show others that they don't need to feel intimidated either.

The reaction that Mr. Dutton incurred, being told in effect that he can't wear his uniform in that store anymore after three years of doing so, is far from ruinous, and meanwhile he has probably done some good with his three-year stint as the harmless SS-man.

By contrast, people who don swastikas for the purpose of spouting overheated verbiage and general scary posturing tend to reinforce stereotypes. Don't do that.

As a matter of fact, if you intend to engage in rational communication about political ideas, it is better not to use a swastika or any shocking symbol, because it will tend to stop people from thinking about what you are saying, and of course it increases the difficulty of having one's ideas taken seriously. For maximum credibility, national-socialist ideas should be articulated by somebody who appears fundamentally mainstream.

But if you are in a situation where you have no intention of discussing anything, perhaps at a state university where you have other things to do than devote your time to political discussion,where such discussion would mean being dragged into endless arguments with people who share none of your interests, a symbol can be a good substitute for speech, just to demonstrate that you have the right to your view.

15 October 2013

Straight Talk from Erich Priebke

National-Socialism "is my way of looking at the world. It's my ideals, it is what for us, Germans, was the Weltanschauung, which has to do with honor and self-respect also today." - Erich Priebke

In 1994 ABC News' Sam Donaldson tracked down Erich Priebke in Argentina, where he was a schoolteacher (obviously posing no danger to anybody) to ask him some accusatory questions about events of 50 years earlier. Priebke even at age 81 was unruffled.

In this incident, 335 Italians were shot in reprisal for the murder of 33 German soldiers by guerrillas. Priebke was involved in 80 of these executions. 

Reprisals for guerrilla-activity in war are hardly unique to Germany, and 10-to-1 (as alleged in Priebke's case) is not even a high ratio for such reprisals. (Cf. the 1000-to-1 ratio that the Bolsheviks applied to the Russian "bourgeoisie" whenever a Bolshevik was killed.) The US military these days tends to disguise its reprisals against civilians in the form of bombardment, e.g. the bombardment of Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. 

In fact the whole US policy of sanctions on Iraq during the 1990s represents reprisal against civilians on a colossal scale, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Perhaps this was what Priebke meant when he said, "Many civilians died ... and still they are dying" (in 1994). 

Sam Donaldson makes much of the allegation that some 14-year-old boys may have been shot in reprisals for guerrilla-activity in 1944, but it was only two years later (1996) that US Secretary of State Madeleine Allbright gave the notorious interview in which she said, "We think the price is worth it," in regard to the deaths of half a million Iraqi children that resulted from economic sanctions intended to force "régime-change" in that country.

The infamous helicopter gun-video leaked by Bradley Manning shows what seems to be more or less random killing of civilians on a street by US forces in Iraq, based on the premise that one or two of those present seemed to have weapons. How does reprisal for killings by guerrillas compare to that?

When the country that suppresses guerrilla-activity through reprisals loses a war, actions of this kind become "massacres" in the parlance of the victors, and since 1945 those who carry out such actions become "war-criminals" -- if their side loses the war

Because of the attention that ABC News focused on Priebke he was extradited to stand trial in Italy, where he was kept under house-arrest until he passed away recently at the age of 100. 

But Priebke never backed down. In a written interview released after his death, Priebke defends National-Socialism, and he explicitly rejects the "Holocaust" as victors' propaganda:

"To lock up people that were a threat to national security was a normal thing during the war. Russians and Americans did the same. [...]

"The activity carried out by a gas chamber is invasive towards the environment and terribly dangerous, deadly, also on the outside. To kill millions of people this way, in the same place where others work and live, without them to notice anything is absurd."

And that is the thing that has Jewish-dominated media howling the most about Priebke, the fact that he expressed disbelief in their Holohoax.

12 October 2013

"Cruz" rhymes with "Jews"

Christian broadcaster Texe Marrs has some interesting observations about the new senator from Texas, Rafael "Ted" Cruz, who has managed to make himself the center of attention in the Republican Party the past couple of weeks.

Rafael "Ted" Cruz with Israeli P.M. Bibi Netanyahu

Marrs calls Cruz a "fake conservative." That seems well justified, since Cruz is on the wrong side of the most fundamental issue for preventing further decline of the United States, immigration. Cruz's father supported Fidel Castro, and the apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree. Many Neoconservatives (fake conservatives) are ex-Marxists.

Marrs also calls Cruz "an Israeli lackey." Cruz went to Israel twice in the first month after being elected to the Senate. This is perfectly consistent with being a fake conservative. The very definition of a Neoconservative is a Zionist who pretends to be conservative in order to get Republican votes. 

Cruz's wife works for Goldman-Sachs, also consistent with Zionism, which for some reason has been historically tied to Jewish banking.

Marrs concludes:

Cruz is also for more military spending and for more war and conflict in the Middle East. But, he claims he is a “conservative.”
I know what Senator Ted Cruz is—don’t you?

Rafael "Ted" Cruz shows every indication of being a "Neoconservative." Here is a fact, however, which many Americans will not know, that enables one to give a more specific answer to the question of what Rafael "Ted" Cruz is: after the Spanish Inquisition, Marrano Jews, in order to pass more easily for genuine Christians, often adopted surnames with a very strong Christian connotation. Cruz, meaning Cross, is such a name. In the Spanish-speaking world, surnames with a strong Christian connotation more often than not belong to Sephardic Jews.

Despite all the warning-signs, through grandstanding with a 24-hour filibuster and other theatrics Ted Cruz has in a short time given himself the appearance of being a major spokesman for what passes as conservatism in the United States today. It is a general weakness of crowds lacking organization or leadership that any interloper with a loud mouth who makes some of the right noises can draw attention to himself and pose as a leader, and that is what "Ted" Cruz has been doing.

Cruz represents exactly the kind of plutocratic, warmongering Jewish agenda that has made the Republicans into a losing party. Cruz represents opposition to the populist orientation that must guide the Republicans if they are to become a winning party again.

If you want to help conservatives get a clue, call in to talkshows, post on blogs, point out to them any way you can the faults of Ted Cruz and similar frauds (like Marco Rubio).

11 September 2013

Commemorating 9-11

Mass-media figures in the United States today are commemorating the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 11 September 2001.  Sean Hannity, for example, today was playing some maudlin country song with superimposed soundbites of the incompetent and clueless President George W. Bush grandstanding with vacuous attempts at solemnity. 

It is a prefabricated, brainless excess of sentimentality.

No doubt some of these babblers also realize perfectly well that continuing to beat the drum about that event tends to keep the United States at war, thus killing more people and plunging the country ever deeper into an abyss of debt.

Nevertheless let us commemorate 9-11 -- but a more worthy 9-11 than this piddling calamity celebrated by the political hucksters of American mass-media:

9-11 1944

On 9-11 1944 in Darmstadt, Germany the RAF deliberately bombed civilian dwellings, with an estimated 12,300 dead and 66,000 homeless.

From Wikipedia, "Bombing of Darmstadt in World War II":

The main raid on Darmstadt was by No. 5 Group RAF on the night of the 11/12 September 1944, when 226 Lancasters and 14 Mosquitoes, was directed to the medieval city center as houses there were mainly built of wood. The raid was to incorporate a new technique where, instead of bombers flying along a single path across the target, the bombers would bomb along a fan of paths over the city. The intention was to deliberately spread the bomb-load.
The attack started a fierce fire in the center and in the districts immediately to the south and east. The destruction of dwellings in this area was almost complete. The raid killed an estimated 12,300 inhabitants and rendered 66,000 homeless out of a total of 110,000 inhabitants. The RAF lost 12 Lancasters, 5.3 per cent of the Lancaster force. Darmstadt became one of the German cities with the highest rate of killed civilian population.

Royal Air Force Bomber Command 60th Anniversary Campaign Diary for September 1944 states:
The Darmstadt raid, with its extensive fire destruction and its heavy casualties, was held by the Germans to be an extreme example of RAF 'terror bombing' and is still a sensitive subject because of the absence of any major industries in the city. Bomber Command defended the raid by pointing out the railway communications passing through Darmstadt; the directive for the offensive against German communications had not yet been issued to Bomber Command, although advance notice of the directive may have been received. Darmstadt was simply one of Germany's medium-sized cities of lesser importance which succumbed to Bomber Command's improving area-attack techniques in the last months of the war when many of the larger cities were no longer worth bombing.

30 August 2013

Cat brutally attacked for looking like Hitler

Our heart goes out to a mistreated animal, but Tabby's injury is only collateral damage from an insane propaganda directed primarily at humans.

21 August 2013

Radio Enoch on Karl Marx

In this segment from Radio Enoch's broadcast of 2 November 1979 the narrator gives examples of Karl Marx' hypocrisy as a supposed champion of the working class.

National-Socialist criticism of Marx goes far beyond noting the hypocrisy in Marx's personal life, suggesting that Marxism represents phony leftism, a deliberate misdirection and sabotage of the workers' movement. The conservatives who put on Radio Enoch were most likely not even interested in a question such as that.  See The Fraud of Marxism.

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18 July 2013

A Psychiatrist examines the Negro (1921)

W.M. Bevis was a psychiatrist at Saint Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C., where he presumably had extensive experience in treating Negroes. This article for the American Journal of Psychiatry (1921) summarizes his observations about mental peculiarities of the Negro.

The Negro race evinces certain phylogenetic traits of character, habit, and behavior that seem sufficiently important to make the consideration of these peculiarities worthwhile; especially as these psychic characteristics have their effect upon and are reflected in the psychoses most frequently seen in the Negro. Forming so large a part of the population and living as he does under conditions, climatic and otherwise, that are favorable and natural, the Negro of the Southern states forms the basis of the observations and deductions of this brief article.

Less than three hundred years ago the alien ancestors of most of the families of this race were savages or cannibals in the jungles of Central Africa. From this very primitive level they were unwillingly brought to these shores and into an environment of higher civilization for which the biological development of the race had not made adequate preparation. In later years, citizenship with its novel privileges (possibly a greater transition than the first) was thrust upon the race finding it poorly prepared, intellectually, for the adjustment to this new social order. Instinctively the Negro turned to the ways of the White man, under whose tutelage he had been, and made an effort to compensate for psychic inferiority by imitating the superior race. Thus we see in this people a talent for mimicry that is remarkable. Efforts to imitate his white neighbors in speech, dress, and social customs are often overwrought and ludicrous, but sometimes sufficiently exact to delude the uninitiated into the belief that the mental level of the Negro is only slightly inferior to that of the Caucasian.

The insidious addition of White blood to the Negro race has produced significant effects upon the latter. This racial admixture of blood has been between the Negro female and the White male, with practically none between the Negro male and the White female. But we cannot agree with Hoffman when he says that there is probably no true-blooded Black man in the United States today. A limited observation and study of the Negro families in the South will reveal the fact that there are still hundreds of the pure Black African stock untouched by any possibility of miscegenation, though as the years go by they are passing. If the original White parent were always even an average representative of his race, mentally and morally, the hereditary effect upon the more or less mulatto offspring would naturally be that of improvement of the traits and mentality of the colored race, but unfortunately the White man by whom this fusion of blood starts is most often feeble-minded, criminal, or both. “This miscegenation appears to have effected the longevity of the race, and the changed social environment has brought about a moral and mental deterioration, together with a diminished power of vital resistance. Information has been brought out by some writers that the mulatto more nearly approaches the White in the contour and shape of the cranium; that the facial angle in the mulatto is larger than in the Negro; that the cranial capacity has been increased, but that the race may have gained in an intellectual way but not in a moral.” – according to O'Malley. 

Healthy Negro children are bright, cunning, full of life and intelligent, but about puberty there begins a slowing up of mental development and a loss of interest in education as sexual matters and a “good time” begin to dominate the life and have the first place in the thoughts of the Negro. From this period promiscuous sex relations, gambling, petty thievery, drinking, loafing, and a carefree, prodigal life, full to the brim with excitement, interspersed with the smallest possible amount of work, consume his time. The female of the race begins promiscuous heterosexual relations, even with grown men, at a remarkably early age, resulting in illegitimacy and the spread of venereal diseases. Many mulattoes do not conceal their pride in being the paramour of a White man or becoming the mother of a quadroon. With their low moral level and as free agents, no wrong is felt in gratifying their natural instincts and appetites. The untoward effects of their excesses and vices are potent factors in the production of mental diseases. 

Motion, music, excitement, or a combination of these make up much of the life of colored people. Their natural musical ability of a peculiar type, and their sense of rhythm, are too well known to make comment necessary. Motion pictures especially delight but the modern dance has little or no charm for them. The “cake walk, shuffling, strutting, buck and wing,” and such dances as give a wide range of motion of the arms, legs, and feet, suggestive of dances and orgies of the original African tribes, are executed in great style. 

Naturally, the Negro lacks initiative; takes no thought for the immediate future, living only in the present, without recalling with any degree of concern the experiences of the past and profiting by the same; does not worry [about] poverty or failure; distrusts members of his own race, and shows little or no sympathy for each other when in trouble; is jolly, careless, and easily amused, but sadness and depression have little part in his psychic make-up. 

All Negroes have a fear of darkness and seldom venture out alone at night unless on mischief bent. Even when two or more are out together there is always fear and much caution. This noctiphobia is closely associated with the superstitions of the race, is akin to actual cowardice, so easily demonstrated, and emphasized by the constant reiteration of stories of the ante-bellum system of patrol of the plantations, of ghosts and impresive nocturnal performances of the Ku Klux Klan. 

It is the conscious or unconscious wish of every Negro to be White. This is brought out in his dreams, the hope of being a white and snowy being in the eternal life, and in psychoses in which he is or was white. 

 Quasi-Masonic lodge in Amos & Andy.
Very dear to the heart of the whole race is the privilege of belonging to a secret order. The more lodges to which he belongs, the greater citizen he is considered. The secret work with its mysticism, ceremonies of initiation, parades and marches in highly colored uniforms and regalia on holidays or on funeral occasions greatly fascinate and attract both the men and the women. 

The religion of the race is unique in that it is not taken as seriously as is superstition. It is difficult to determine where one ends and the other begins. Original tribal worship, the queer racial awe of the mysterious, and associations with the White race have affected their religion. Prior to emancipation, the slaves attended the churches of the planters, occupying galleries especially prepared for them. Doctrines thus inculcated formed the background for their religious activities of later years. To these have been added such sounds, motions, and residual forms and ceremonies as have been left them by their African forefathers in efforts to appease the wrath and do honor to many deities. From time to time are added features that have proven successful in religious matters by their White friends. In their religious services, whether it be in singing, prayer, testimony, or sermon, there is always a varying accompaniment ranging from an occasional grunt, groan, or exclamation to an almost continuous volley of all these, with continuous motion by the congregation, increasing in volume as the service progresses until a point is reached where their emotional fervor reaches its climax in wild disorder. During a single service a congregation of colored worshippers may work themselves into an hysterical state of emotional exaltation in which “the real world disappears from sight and the supernatural alone exists for them.” Behavior at these times appears to be only a step from the manic phase of manic-depressive psychosis or a catatonic excitement. The service is never complete until a reaction from this state back to comparative quietude takes place. Meetings often last five or six hours and continue every night for several weeks. Sermons and exhortation delivered and received with such emotion and enthusiasm bear little or no fruit in their everyday life and conduct, affecting favorably the morals of very few.

Nothing in the life of the Negro stands out more prominently than his superstition. It influences his thought and conduct more than anything else. In no other trait or peculiarity do we find more plainly the imprint of primitive African life and customs. A monograph might be written describing and tracing the origin of this psychic weakness of those of “ebony hue” but we mention only the most common and strongly believed superstitious ideas, born as they are of fear, credulity, intellectual poverty, and childlike imagination. Even the most talkative of the race are reticent and ashamed to talk about their superstitions, and make great effort to conceal all traces of it in ordinary conversation. It is best understood by hearing conversations between individuals of the race when they think it impossible to be heard by a White person. Under these circumstances they discuss what they have heard and believe and match experiences freely with each other. Frequently this trait comes to the surface in delusions and obsessions but is even then disclosed with reserve. 

Buried deep in the nature of this people is the belief that souls wander around not far from the interred body during twilight and at night as spirits, ghosts, or “hants,” to trouble and disturb the peace of mind of those who have been unkind to the deceased when living. This belief and fear are sufficient to occasionally bring about optical illusions, especially if the moon is shining just a little, that are always without question taken as “hants.” It is also believed that the left hind foot of a rabbit found in a “graveyard” is a charm or “fetich” that will make them successful at dice and in many ways ward off misfortune. Teeth of animals, snake rattles and skins are said to possess magic power of protection. Great faith is placed in witchcraft, palmistry, and divination. Persons who claim power to give information about the future, as in the fortune-telling of these fakers, are considered great and all-wise representatives of the “Most High,” especially if they present a weird appearance, use words that are difficult to pronounce and hard to understand, and do some sleight-of-hand tricks. The moon, particularly a new or waning moon, is ever to the colored man a sign of time and a reminder of death. This “time of the moon” is considered unfavorable for any doubtful or dangerous undertaking. It is also unlucky to start on an errand and turn back, but if such must be done, it is necessary to make a cross-mark on the ground and spit in one of the angles. Of interest to the psychiatrist is the belief in the ability of certain members of the race to “conjure” or place a “hoodoo,” “voodoo,” or “spell” upon another. The victim things that his enemy uses this power very secretly at will and for his own benefit. All sorts of bad luck, persecutions, disease, and mental conditions can be called down upon the person who is under the spell. This unfortunate condition can only be relieved by the intervention of some person having a greater power to “conjure” than the original enemy. Persons supposed to possess great power to break these spells and to ward off the evil operations or the power of the enemies are referred to as “Witch Doctors,” or as “Night Doctors,” and are held in great reverence. Parents of a young patient having a psychosis often contend that all that is wrong is that he or she is suffering from a “spell” placed on by a jealous or disappointed lover. The colored patients themselves often give being under a “spell” or “hoodoo” as explanation for their mental difficulties. They will often say, “He controls my mind.” “Love Powders” to change one's luck in winning the affection fo a person of the opposite sex or to break the power of a rival are much in demand, if guaranteed. With all the handicaps resulting from fears, low ideals, and primitive notions, it occasionally happens that the Negro youth is fortunate in having the proper guidance and sufficient work to prevent him from making a complete wreck of his physical and mental life. Spurred on by a good example and a wholesome desire to be an exception and a leader who can help the race, many profit by the opportunities offered even in the South to secure a good education and develop into most excellent citizens.

After this, Bevis discusses forms of mental illness that are prevalent among Blacks, comparing their occurrence among Whites. Blacks suffer from schizophrenia much more than Whites. 

This is not surprising when their racial character make-up and the atmosphere of superstition in which they move are considered. Much of their usual behavior seems only a step from the simpler types of this classification. The catatonic form predominates, occurring almost twice as often as among White patients. 

Alcoholism and suicide, says Bevis, are rare among Negroes.*

If we consider the psychoses of the Negro from the mechanistic viewpoint, it will be found that practically all may be correctly included in the following classes, named in the order most frequently observed: dissociation, compensatory, and repression. Most of such psychoses are benign and acute, but may become chronic if improvement does not relieve the situation in time to prevent it. The most common causative factors in the dissociation types are: “inability to prevent repressed disguised cravings from breaking through the ego's resistance,” as mentioned by Kempf; toxic elements, and real or imaginary domination by others. Conflicts or situations becoming almost unbearable, with no suitable means of sublimating or otherwise avoiding, make a psychosis of this character an easy avenue of escape from the field of reality. An example is the case of a woman who was under the influence of a “spell” put ipon her by another, committed a crime, asserting that it was not she that did it but that under this uncontrollable influence she became the helpless agent.

Fear is the all-pervading cause in the compensatory type, “fear of fear, fear of sexual impotency, and fear of loss of the love-object” being the most noticeable elements. These manifest themselves in grandiose, unreasonable claims, persecutory ideas, and pathological lying. An example is the case of a man, though Black, said that he was the commissioned representative of God to protect White women, and that he might be more effectual in his mission was made White, and for all these reasons has been grossly mistreated by both Black and White.

The repression type makes up the smallest part of the racial psychoses under consideration and is more of a compulsion-neurosis than a psychosis. There are phobias and obsessions suggestive of psychaesthenia. As so clearly expressed by White, “there seems to be an alternation between love and hate with no possibility of the formation of a working compromise.” This type is more often seen in those who show an appreciable proportion of White ancestry.

In our observations the following points are evident:

(1) The Southern Negro has certain psychological traits that are reflected in his psychoses.
(2) Motion, rhythm, music, and excitement make up a large part of the life of the race.
(3) Naturally, the most of the race are care-free, live in the “here and now” with limited capacity to recall or profit by experiences of the past. Sadness and depression have little part in his psychological make-up.
(4) Of all his peculiarities, fears and superstitious ideas stand out most prominently.
(5) The number of cases of alcoholic psychoses is surprisingly low.
(6) Suicide and suicidal tendencies are almost absent in colored patients, the ratio being about one to three thousand in state hospitals.
(7) The incidence of cerebro-spinal syphilis and paresis is relatively low in the Southern Negro.
(8) Manic-depressive psychoses are observed to occur in higher percentage than that given by Green in 1916 (17 per cent). The manic phase is the one nearly always seen.
(9) Dementia praecox [i.e. schizophrenia] stands at the head of the list of the psychoses of the colored, catatonic form occurring about twice as often as in the White, and paranoid form coming next in importance.
(10) Mechanistic classification of the psychoses of this race show that nearly all are dissociation, compensatory, or repression types.
* What Bevis wrote about the rarity of alcoholism among Blacks in 1921 is contradicted by the prevalent stereotype about Black alcoholism in 2013. But a  report (R. Caetano, C.L. Clark, T. Tam, "Alcohol Consumption among Racial/Ethnic Minorities") published by the NIH in 1998 states that the stereotype of alcohol consuption among Blacks is  exaggerated, that alcohol-consumption is still more prevalent among Whites: "Results from the 1984 National Alcohol Survey showed that several sociodemographic factors (e.g., age) helped shape blacks’ drinking patterns, degree of alcohol-related problems, and attitudes toward drinking and that these influences differed from those observed among whites (Herd and Caetano 1987). For example, rates of heavy drinking among blacks were highest among men in their 40s and 50s, whereas the rates among whites were highest among men in their 20s. In the 1995 National Alcohol Survey, however, rates of heavy drinking among white men in their 20s have dropped, such that black and white men now show similar drinking patterns until they reach age 49. Moreover, in the 50- to 59-year-old age group, rates of heavy drinking are substantially higher among whites than among blacks (16 percent versus 3 percent, respectively). The causes of these changes in alcohol consumption patterns between 1984 and 1995 remain unclear. Finally, the abstention rate currently is higher among black men than among white men (36 percent versus 26 percent, respectively), further contradicting common assumptions about blacks’  drinking patterns (Caetano and Clark 1998 a). Other research also has indicated that the attitudes of blacks toward drinking and drunkenness are not overly permissive and, in some cases, tend to be more conservative than those of whites (Caetano and Clark 1998 c ). For example, many studies have documented relatively high abstention rates among black women compared with white women (Caetano and Kaskutas 1995; Herd and Caetano 1987). The results of the 1995 National Alcohol Survey further support those findings, with abstention rates of 55 percent among black women and 39 percent among white women (Caetano and Clark 1998 a ). In summary, recent research has contradicted many of the stereotypes of alcohol consumption patterns among blacks."