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27 September 2011

Brain and Politics

What happens when the abnormal brain becomes common? 
Does it form its own political party?

This study of the relationship between political orientation and brain-form, based on questionnaires and MRI scans of the brains of 90 students, was conducted by Professor Geraint Rees of University College, London. 

The results showed a strong correlation between between political belief and two specific regions of the brain. The grey matter of the anterior cingulate was significantly thicker amongst those who described themselves as liberal, or left wing, while the amygdala - an area associated with emotional processing - was larger in those who regarded themselves as conservative or right wing.
"It's a remarkable finding" says professor Rees. "We were very surprised to find two areas of the brain from which we could predict political attitudes." [Tom Feilden, BBC Radio 4, 28 December 2020]


Mike X said...

A variety of different conditions are known to cause brain swelling, and, in some instances, the cause may not be known. Brain swelling can take two forms, hydrocephalus, in which fluid collects in the ventricles and the swelling occurs from the inside outward, and cerebral edema, in which the fluid collects in the brain tissue and the swelling is generalized.

Brain swelling related to cerebral edema can be caused by a number of conditions including:
* Brain tumors
* Chemical imbalances
* Diabetic ketoacidosis (a life-threatening complication of diabetes)
* Exposure to certain toxins
* Head trauma
* High altitude sickness
* Infection
* Malignant hypertension (severe high blood pressure)
* Opioid abuse
* Stroke

Hadding said...

Okay. What does brain-swelling have to do with a particular part of the brain being larger in rightwingers and a different part being larger in leftwingers? It seems totally unrelated.