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09 August 2011

"Ethnic Minorities, it has to be said"

"Ethnic minorities" is a bit of a euphemism. The arson and looting in the Britain are being perpetrated primarily by members of non-White immigrant populations that have been encouraged to immigrate to Britain since World War II, not European ethnic minorities..

We can hope that Britain's Black and Brown immigrant populations will continue to make their presence intolerable until the logical result occurs.


Mike X said...

Unfortunately, the "cultural Marxists" will use the riots in London as an excuse to further their secret agenda - like they have done in the United States.

The answer, of course, is mass deportation. But its not going to happen until the people realize that the politicians no longer serve their interests.

Hadding said...

When the looting spread to Manchester and a few other cities, there were many Whites involved, although my contact in Leicester said that the mob there had not a White face in it.

An article on The Occidental Observer states that these White looters were affiliated with Irish organized crime in England, which is also connected to Anti-Fascist Action. These Irish criminals apparently put their resentment of the English ahead of any sense of their own race, since the mulatto taxi-driver was a relative by marriage of the Noonan family that runs that gang.