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05 January 2011

Cannibalism in Post-Colonial Africa

In the 19th century under White colonial rule, cannibalism fell into disuse, but since the mid-20th century, following the retreat of the White Man from Africa, the Negro has been returning to his old patterns.

African cannibalism seems to fall into three categories that I have noticed: 

(1) cannibalism in war -- "Anybody who is your enemy, you can eat him," says a young Liberian;

(2) use of body parts (especially from albinos) in "traditional medicine";

(3) eating of Pygmies because Negroes consider them subhuman.

Eating of enemies in Liberia. (Begins at 3:00.)

"Traditional medicine" in South Africa.

The danger of being an albino in Africa.


JMBELL said...

What a idiot people call us black now!

Hadding said...

"Negro" appeared as a racial classification on the United States' census form for 2010 because many still refer to themselves as Negroes. I prefer that word because it has no other use in the English language except as the name of a race. "Black" is racially ambiguous insofar as it can also refer to some people of southern Asia and Australia.