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20 December 2010

Jews to have "leading role" in "multicultural" Europe

Europe has always been a multicultural patchwork of nations. What Barbara Spector means by a multicultural Europe is one in which no traditional European people will have its own nation-state nor sovereignty over its own affairs. And who will play the leading role in this Babel? "Jews," she is not ashamed to say.

Spector talks as if this change were a mere accident of history, but in fact Jews have been agitating many decades now for non-White immigration into White nation-states. It is a form of divide-and-conquer strategy.

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Anonymous said...

Remarkably candid comments from a Jew, especially eye-opening in light of Netanyahu's recent moves to ensure that Jews have a monocultural society in the State of Israel, mostly free of non-Jews. So, while Jews demand that everyone else be multicultural, they reserve the right to ensure that their own nation remain monocultural.