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30 June 2010

German Intelligence says: No Connection between al-Qaeda and the 9-11 Attacks

From the ARD (German public broadcasting) documentary,Über Kalte Krieger und Terroristenjäger (On Cold-Warriors and Terrorist-Hunters):

Der Bundesnachrichtendienst hat immer gesagt, daß wir keine Verbindung zwischen al-Kaida Terrorismus und dem 11. September und dem irakischen Régime gesehen haben....
August Hanning, BND-Präsident 1998-2005

The Federal Intelligence Service has always said that we have seen no connection between al-Qaeda terrorism and the 9-11 attacks and the Iraqi régime....
August Hanning, director of German Intelligence 1998-2005

The emphasis that Hanning puts on the word und, both times when he says it, means that he sees no connection between any one of these things and the other two.

Continuing, Hanning says that U.S. allegations of continuing Iraqi WMD programs were known at the time to be unfounded:

Und wir haben auch immer deutlich gesagt, daß wir nicht beobachtet haben eine Nuklearrüstung oder ein wiederauflebendes nukleares Rüstungsprogramm des Irak. Das haben wir damals auch öffentlich gemacht. Das waren zum Beispiel zwei entscheidende Elemente, die die amerikanische Administration veranlaßt haben, diesen militärischen Konflikt auch zu begründen.

And we have always clearly stated that we did not observe nuclear weaponry or a revived Iraqi nuclear-weapons program. We also made that public at the time. Those were, for example, two decisive elements that prompted the American administration to justify this military conflict.

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Orion said...

Haddly, so what happened over at RFM? I meant to warn you, but it all happened so fast :)

Watch out for Giles. He's mentally unstable, has a fascination with authority, and will not hesitate to deal with the feds if it is in his interest.

Kinda interesting that he popped up as soon as Turner when down, eh?

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.