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16 December 2009

Kosher Patriotism: a giant distraction

I just read a review of Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement From the Margins to the Mainstream by Leonard Zeskind. It is about the development of White Nationalism prior to the age of ubiquitous internet.

A weakness of the review is that the reviewer, "Hunter Wallace," is under 30 years of age and does not remember many of the events discussed. He doesn't catch the fact that the Jew Zeskind has mingled some elements into his account of White Nationalism that don't really belong.

Racialist discourse degenerated like Old Latin into dire warnings about black helicopters, the New World Order, and “Z.O.G.”*
"Black helicopters" were a legend of the 1990s militia-movement. Talk about black helicopters was not particularly associated with racism. As a matter of fact, in all the hours of "patriot radio" broadcast on shortwave every week there seemed to be an inverse relationship between each broadcaster's willingness to discuss race and his penchant for anti-government rumor-mongering. The non-racists would speculate about some looming threat that might never materialize (e.g., Alex Jones' Police State 2000), while for racists the focus was present reality (e.g., media bias and non-White crime). The less open a particular broadcaster was to discussing race and the Jews, the more likely he would be to spend time on hidden concerns like black helicopters, UN troops, MK-Ultra, biochips, UFO coverup, etc.

Dr. Pierce used to call these people kosher patriots. They seemed to be a giant distraction set up to draw attention away from discussion of racial concerns. Willis Carto's media touched on those kinds of topics to some small degree but there were some upstart "patriot" entrepreneurs that went wild with that stuff. Those same people seemed to have an aversion to Holocaust Revisionism and a penchant for relying on parables about "the Nazis." Some of the Kosher patriot broadcasters were Jews and some of them had Jewish backing.

These kosher-patriot broadcasters were also prone to spend a lot of time talking about weapons and violence, and to engage in provocative (but usually empty) posturing toward the government, like attorney Linda Thompson's proclamation in 1994 of an armed march on Washington. This was the high-water mark of kosher-patriot histrionics.

Everyone from Francis Parker Yockey and Louis Beam to Tim McVeigh and Erich Gliebe is mentioned at some point or another.
Tim McVeigh may or may not have gotten the idea to blow up the Murrah Federal Building in early 1995 from The Turner Diaries**, but he was no White Nationalist. He was a big fan of kosher-patriot broadcaster William Cooper, whose protégée and frequent guest Linda Thompson had produced a video about the Waco Massacre that inflamed McVeigh against the government.


* In that list, "black helicopters, the New World Order, and Z.O.G.," the least credible element has been placed first. I assume that the reviewer copied this order from the Jew Zeskind, because it serves the obvious rhetorical purpose of placing the last element, the only one that refers to Jews, in a disreputable context. Z.O.G. is an acronym that gained notoriety in press reports about the Brüder Schweigen in 1984. Although the acronym itself is rarely encountered now, the essential concept of "Zionist Occupational Government," has gained considerable credibility in recent years, because the influence of Zionist Jews over U.S. foreign policy since 2001 has been difficult to overlook.

** Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center exaggerated the similarities between the method used to destroy the Murrah Federal Building and the method portrayed in Dr. Pierce's novel. Tim McVeigh's truck-bomb loaded with cylinders of nitro-methane was parked in front of the building. Nitro-methane is a much more potent explosive than the mixture of ammonium-nitrate fertilizer and kerosene ("AN-FO") used in The Turner Diaries, which was parked in an underground garage and, according to the novel, would not have been very effective parked outdoors. In other words, the engineering of McVeigh's truck-bomb did not come out of The Turner Diaries.

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