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13 July 2009

How I became Jew-Conscious

An old postcard featuring a rather likable Jewish caricature.
Jewishness is usually not so obvious and often not harmless.

I first narrated this tale in 1993 when I made the acquaintance of Dr. William Pierce during a summer visit to the National Alliance property. He invited me to have supper at his home, which was spaghetti cooked by his Hungarian wife Susan followed by a slice of a Sara Lee cake. While there he asked me how I came to be racially conscious.

Being from the South, the Negro Problem was something with which I was well familiar. It was a problem that everybody recognized and acknowledged. I thought that everybody understood that Blacks were not really equal to Whites, and that no White person who has had experience with Blacks, apart from perhaps a few defective individuals lacking common sense and powers of observation, would say that Blacks were equal without being under some pressure, pressure that must have come directly or indirectly from Blacks. Growing up as a Southerner, I knew very well about the criminality and low intelligence of Blacks, but I hardly knew about Jews and their special characteristics.

Over the course of time I gradually got some inkling of the role of the Jews in preventing the reign of common sense in racial matters.

In the late 70s and early 80s, I was a regular listener to Larry King's late-night radio program on the Mutual Broadcasting System. Compared to every person that I had met, Larry King was a lunatic. He insisted on the equality of Negroes, and even more shockingly, he had a large contingent of callers that agreed with him on that point. If you called in and explained that he was wrong, it made no impression. He would act as if he could not understand what you had said. This was rampant insanity. How could this be explained? I did not appreciate the importance of it at the time, but Larry King made no secret of being a Jew. Not only was he a Jew, but he had a list of repeat guests on the show, his buddies that he promoted, who were also Jews. It made an impression on me that this lunatic who insisted on racial equality was also very proudly Jewish. This was really puzzling because I also saw Israel as a racist state that at the time was one of the few nations that would deal with the Republic of South Africa.

A few years later I got to know a Jew very well, the kind of Jew that some other, more assimilated Jews might call a Kike. This Jew would brag about being amoral. He thought it was a virtue. I witnessed him do something blatantly illegal once, and after getting caught in the act by police, he created enough ambiguity by lying to the judge that he escaped consequences. He also did some gratuitously cruel things that he told me, including killing a small dog with a stun gun, apparently out of boredom. His racial attitudes were interesting. He would say terrible things about Blacks behind their backs that even I wouldn't say (for example, saying that he would like to have a Black person as his slave), and then flatter them to their faces, and even play the strident anti-racist. He was as two-faced as any human being could possibly be, and he was proud of it.

This opened my eyes to the fact that there are people in the world whose spirits are totally unlike mine, about whom the assumptions that I make about what I might do in some situation are simply not applicable. We are not "all the same inside." People of a perverse and alien nature exist.

Not long after that I happened to see John Metzger interviewed on CNN's Larry King Live. Most of what Metzger said I already knew, about the criminality and low intelligence of Blacks, etc. These were obvious facts that the interviewer, King, had always denied. Metzger however connected the denial of these obvious facts with Jews. That made a certain sense to me, and I found it intriguing. I knew that certain attitudes inhered in Protestantism; certain attitudes inhered in Catholicism: why should there not be certain social attitudes that inhere in Judaism? I'd already had the personal experience of a totally two-faced Jew who pretended to be anti-racist, and it was tempting to see Jews in general as reading from the same script. It was the only explanation that made sense, when these seemingly intelligent people could not be set straight by presenting facts. Jews claim to believe in racial equality because it is a lie that their leadership and their peers expect them to promote, while privately they are as capable as anyone of seeing that it is false.

This explanation of Jewish mendacity that I reached circa 1988 was more social than biological. Since then I have come to appreciate more and more the role of heredity in determining character and behavior, and I have become aware of the Jews as a distinct biological as well as social entity.

That is how I became Jew-conscious. Becoming Jew-conscious is a major step toward becoming a national-socialist since the most obvious distinction between national-socialists and traditional American racists is the recognition of Jews as a source of trouble. *
*The Ku Klux Klan at times has even accepted Jewish members, and even today some Klan groups will accept a Jew if he converts to Christianity.

03 July 2009

Zionist Jews are Thugs

This is from the "Spy Talk" section of CQ Politics. The attitude that the "Chosen" are above the (Gentile)law has been a recognized tendency among Jews since ancient times. It's in the Talmud.

AIPAC Spy Figure Larry Franklin Describes Mafia-Style Murder Threat

By Jeff Stein

Somebody wanted Larry Franklin out of the way.

In court documents filed last week, a sketchy tale surfaced suggesting that someone wanted Franklin, the former Pentagon analyst who had agreed to testify against two pro-Israel activists on charges of espionage, dead.

In a Tuesday, June 30 interview, Franklin and his attorney Plato Cacheris, the famed criminal defense lawyer, elaborated on the shadowy incident.

"Somebody approached Larry and suggested it would be good if Larry could disappear and fake a suicide," Cacheris said, "and this person would assist him in doing that."

Franklin didn't take it that way: It was more like a page out of The Sopranos, which would end with him disappearing -- forever.

"Larry listened to him and called me," Cacheris continued: "And I said, 'You've got to report this to the Bureau.'"

He did.

It would seem a simple crime, something that could be made public, with an arrest warrant issued.

But now it's entangled in national security. Franklin and Cacheris are prohibited from identifying the person who made the "offer."

"It's under seal," said Cacheris, who is representing Franklin free of charge.

"There's some sort of investigation going on" by the FBI, Cacheris said. "There's something going on that they're doing that we don't know about."

Franklin, whose 13-year sentence was eventually suspended because of his cooperation with the government in the celebrated spy case involving the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, spoke publicly about the incident for the first time in an interview with SpyTalk earlier this week.

A man approached him at work, he said. It was sometime after 2005, when he was charged with providing classified information to AIPAC employees Steven J. Rosen and Keith Weissman, and their trial on espionage charges, which was repeatedly delayed by legal jousting over the past few years.

The charges against Rosen and Weissman were finally dropped in May, with the government saying the federal judge presiding over the case had set an impossibly high bar to prove the two intended to harm the national security of the United States.

But for four years, Franklin was slated to be the government's key witness against them.

In an interview on Tuesday, June 20, Franklin described the incident for the first time.

He was prohibited from naming the man who approached him.

"It was in West Virginia. I was parking cars at the time. He came to see me at the Charles Town Race Track. He said, 'Let's go to lunch and talk about raising money for my defense.'

"And we talked about all these rich people," Franklin continued. "But first I had to agree to a scheme...

"I was going to go somewhere, and it was going to be arranged that I could occasionally meet my wife. It was supposed to be on a bridge."

In Israel?

"No," he said. "Florida."

Who was the man who approached him?

"Well, the guy was definitely a Zionist," Franklin said. "And he was a true believer. And like a lot of true believers, he's beyond good and evil. They're not subject to the laws the rest of us are."

Like laws against murder.

"I felt this isn't real. This is a set-up," Franklin said.

"As I was saying to someone recently, I grew up on the streets of New York, and when you fake a suicide -- Well, if you're dead to everyone else, it's a lot easier to get rid of you."

"He wouldn't be a witness," Cacheris said.

"Did I let him know I took it that way?" Franklin added. "No. Did I take it that way? Internally, yes."

"He wouldn't be a witness," Cacheris said.

The FBI won't say anything about the Franklin case.

"There are some pending issues" with the Justice Department and federal court, a bureau spokesman said. "We won't be able to comment."

But to Franklin, it's open and shut: murder.

"Did I let him know I took it that way?" Franklin added. "No. Did I take it that way? Internally, yes."